The Best Kickboxers in the UFC

The Best Kickboxers in the UFC

Many people view the striking side of MMA as the most exciting, the combination of elite striking, small gloves and hard strikes regularly result in spectacular, highlight reel knockouts. Since the UFC first rose to prominence as the most popular MMA promotion the level of striking ability has continued to improve. It’s no longer enough to be a wrestler who can wing a few haymakers, striking needs to be precise and deadly.

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Protein Is A Key To MMA Success – Greg Morrison

Protein Is A Key To MMA Success - Greg Morrison Wheelhouse Nutrition

The following article was submitted to Fight Quality by Greg Morrison, owner of Wheelhouse Nutrition.

Mixed martial arts, or MMA, has gained a lot of popularity in recent years. It is a sport that is intense in training because of the many combat disciplines that comprise mixed martial arts. It is a sport that relies on an athlete’s ability to become skilled in many disciplines, the ability to get stronger and increase stamina. If that is not enough consider the need to know how to be at your maximum physical capacity the day of the fight. The point is that training is a huge portion of this sport. Training right includes eating right. Knowing what to put in your body, and when, is essential to get the most out of your body when you need it. Protein is an essential part of any one’s diet. It is especially true for an athlete and maybe even more so for a combat sports athlete.

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Unique and Innovative Boxing Gloves

Unique and Innovative Boxing Gloves

When looking into your gear bag, it’s often easy to think that over the years equipment never changes. Well we’d argue with that. Just take a look at Radius Wraps SISU mouth guards, features such as non-abrasive Velcro on fight shorts or even grappling style shin guards. But what about boxing gloves?

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New Fight Gear – June 2017

New Fight Gear - June 2017

Worried you’ll miss when your favourite fight brand releases an amazing new line of gear? We bring you a monthly round-up of the latest fight gear ranges released by all of your favourite brands, so you can see all the best new fight gear all in one place.

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Shin Guard Types Explained

Whether you’ve been training for a while, or are just considering taking up a martial art such as MMA, Kickboxing or Muay Thai, you’ll no doubt have noticed that shin guards are one of the main pieces of equipment used in training. Obviously if you’re planning on sparring with kicks then shin guards are usually a must have, but they also open up a whole range of other partner activities, such as Dutch style combination drills. We’ve reviewed a wide range of shin guards so far (head over to our Shin Guard Reviews page), and while they don’t tend to vary as much in terms of features as Boxing Gloves do, there are still a few distinct types, so it’s important to know the benefits of each style.

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A Brief History of Freestyle Wrestling

A Brief History of Freestyle Wrestling

According to Joe Rogan wrestling is the greatest skill to have in the octagon, and a wrestler is the best ‘base’ to build a top level MMA fighter from. Fantastic wrestling skills allow you to control where the fight happens, and therefore expose an opponent’s weaknesses. Your opponent is a striker? Take them down and beat them up. Your opponent is a submission expert? Keep the fight standing and beat them up on the feet. Your opponent hasn’t got the best cardio? Keep them against the cage and grind them down. Control where the fight takes place and you control the fight. That’s why freestyle wrestling is one of the most commonly trained skills in MMA. But where does the art of freestyle wrestling come from?

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Inspirational Fighters – Sagat Petchyindee

Inspirational Fighters – Sagat Petchyindee

Combat sports are an ever-changing landscape of fighters, with new names popping up constantly. All fighters have heart, and all fighters have talent, yet of all the fighters who have stepped up over the years, there are some who stick in our minds, who changed the way we think about the sports we love, and who are truly inspirational to today’s generation of martial artists.

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How to Keep Your Mouth Guard Clean for Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and other combat sports?

How to Keep Your Mouth Guard Clean for Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and other combat sports?

If you’re training often, it’s incredibly important to keep your gear clean, including your mouth guard. In this article we’ll be going over a couple of the steps which you can take to make sure your mouth guard is always clean and fresh, and avoid any possible hygiene issues.

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Guest Review – Paul “Reaper” Banasiak

Guest Review - Paul "Reaper" Banasiak

Paul Banasiak is a Muay Thai fighter who many people may know for the Muay Thai Athlete blog, or for being one of the two fighters (next to Sean Fagan, who we’ve previously interviewed) who make up the Muay Thai Guys podcast. If you haven’t heard of the podcast before, check it out, it made our list of 5 Great Podcasts For Muay Thai Fighters.

We spoke to Paul to find out a little bit about his favourite gear and training advice.

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