5 Great Podcasts For Muay Thai Fighters

5 Great Podcasts For Muay Thai Fighters

Podcasts are awesome. They’re a great way to catch up on the latest news, listen to interesting conversations and to generally be inspired. They also often give great insights into the lives and mindsets of other fighters, who don’t often get the chance to voice their story. Thankfully there are a number of awesome podcasts out there for anyone passionate about Muay Thai, so we thought we’d list 5 of our favourites.

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Worst Weight Misses In UFC History

Worst Weight Misses In UFC History

Following up from our recent article about techniques for cutting weight, we’ve decided to take a look at the unsuccessful side of weight cutting – the guys who fail to reach that magic number. Below we’ve listed five of the biggest misses in the UFC, highlighting fighters who have, or definitely should consider, moving up a weight class.

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Weight Cutting Techniques for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA

Weight Cutting Techniques for Boxing, Kickboxing, Muay Thai and MMA

In any sport that requires competitors to make a certain weight, cutting weight becomes a skill in itself. From powerlifters to MMA fighters, weight cutting is a popular way to gain some advantage. We’re going to go over a couple of different methods to drop water weight in order to hit the scales bang on your target.

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5 High Quality Non-Leather/Vegan Boxing Gloves

Five High Quality Non-Leather/Vegan Boxing Gloves

Buying new boxing gloves is easy, right? Just work out what sort of thing you’re looking for, take a look at a couple of boxing glove reviews to get a feel for whether that gear is the best choice for you, and then buy them.

Except that process is significantly harder if for whatever reason you don’t particularly want to use leather. Perhaps you’re a strong believer in living a hardcore vegan lifestyle, or perhaps you have another reason for avoiding leather – either way it can seriously reduce your options when searching for boxing gloves. Thankfully we’ve come across a number of brands who use leather alternatives which we think are actually pretty decent, so you can still grab a great pair of gloves and avoid that cheap, plastic-feeling vinyl.

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A Brief History of Judo

Judo, which means ‘the gentle way’, is a martial art that originated in Japan in 1882. Whilst it originated as a physical, mental and moral way of life it has evolved into a modern martial art, with practitioners competing at the olympics and utilising the techniques inside the MMA octagon. Throws and takedowns feature heavily in Judo, and are followed up by pinning your opponent or submitting them with a joint lock or choke. This makes it a very popular choice for MMA fighters, the most famous recent Judoka in MMA being Ronda Rousey.

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New Fight Gear – March 2017

New Fight Gear – March 2017

Worried you’ll miss when your favourite fight brand releases an amazing new line of gear? We bring you a monthly round-up of the latest fight gear ranges released by all of your favourite brands, so you can see all the best new fight gear all in one place.

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Inspirational Fighters – James “Buster” Douglas

Inspirational Fighters – James "Buster" Douglas

Combat sports are an ever-changing landscape of fighters, with new names popping up constantly. All fighters have heart, and all fighters have talent, yet of all the fighters who have stepped up over the years, there are some who stick in our minds, who changed the way we think about the sports we love, and who are truly inspirational to today’s generation of martial artists.

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A Brief History of Karate

A Brief History of Karate

Karate is possibly the most well known martial art in the world – the Japanese Ministry for Foreign Affairs estimates 50 million practitioners worldwide, whilst the World Karate Federation believes there are 100 million practitioners worldwide. Everyone either trained a bit when they were a kid, or knows someone who did. Basically every school or leisure centre has a karate club, and most people know it originated from Japan and uses a mix of strikes using the hands and feet, but we’re going to run through the brief history of Karate, and how it moved from a simple martial art to the hugely widespread art, with many different styles, we know today.

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First Thoughts on the Hykso Punch Trackers

First Thoughts on the Hykso Punch Trackers

Hykso (pronounced Hik-soh) is a US based company headquartered in Orange County, CA, founded by Khalil Zahar that produces tracking technology that you slip into your hand wraps and monitors your punching output during training. Hykso sent us a pair (one of the first three thousand produced) and we’ve decided to break down our review into two parts; Our first thoughts, and then a full review after a longer period of training.

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