What Equipment Do You Need To Train Muay Thai?

What Equipment Do You Need To Train Muay Thai?

Perhaps you’re considering taking up Muay Thai, or maybe you’ve been going a while and want to make sure you’re using the right equipment. We’re here to walk you through all of the equipment you might need.

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Shin Guard Types Explained

Whether you’ve been training for a while, or are just considering taking up a martial art such as MMA, Kickboxing or Muay Thai, you’ll no doubt have noticed that shin guards are one of the main pieces of equipment used in training. Obviously if you’re planning on sparring with kicks then shin guards are usually a must have, but they also open up a whole range of other partner activities, such as Dutch style combination drills. We’ve reviewed a wide range of shin guards so far (head over to our Shin Guard Reviews page), and while they don’t tend to vary as much in terms of features as Boxing Gloves do, there are still a few distinct types, so it’s important to know the benefits of each style.

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