If you’re anything like us, you like to know what you’re spending money on, and considering the high prices of many product out there, it’s nice to have reassurance that the item you purchase is right for you. Fight Quality is a website designed to give honest and helpful reviews on a range of equipment for fighters.

We aim to be the destination for anything you might want to know about fight gear. While we will never be able to review every product out there, we’ll do our best to provide honest and helpful reviews on a range of equipment for fighters. We hope to be a useful aid to anybody training Kickboxing, Muay Thai, Boxing or MMA, as well as fighters from a range of other martial arts, or even those considering learning one who want to know what equipment they need to start.

We don’t just repeat the specifications written by the manufacturer. As keen martial artists ourselves, every item is personally tested by one of our team, looking with a balanced mindset to show both the positives and negatives of every single product – because nothing is truly perfect. While some brands do ask us to review their products for them, you can still rest assured that we always write honest reviews, not advertisements and endorsements.

We hope you enjoy the reviews.


These guys have guided me through my last couple of purchases; Fight Quality helped me with the purchase of my last pair of gloves and shin pads. Fight Quality have been there to support my decisions, inform me of what is good and tell me to stay away from what isn’t (in as many words). I’m not talking about someone actually sitting down and telling me what is right or wrong with the piece of equipment I was thinking about buying; more reading through their in-depth reviews to see what might suit me or which styles and brands I should be avoiding… (Read More)
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They actually do really good reviews as opposed to mine where I said four sentences about a glove. They do very detailed reviews, so if you really want really good reviews on equipment go check out Fight Quality. They’re really good at what they do… (Hear More)

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