Everlast 1910 Classic Training Boxing Gloves

Everlast 1910 Leather Classic Training Velcro Boxing Gloves (16oz) Review


Originally founded in 1910, Everlast have been a big name in the boxing world for many years. They’re now one of the most widely known USA boxing brands, with gear lines for boxing, mixed martial arts, and fitness related sporting goods.

About the gloves

When it comes to ‘legendary’ brands in boxing, it’s hard to argue that Everlast wouldn’t be near the top of the list. The brand has long been intertwined with the sport of boxing, and was one of the real trendsetters of it’s day. That’s why very few brands could pull off what Everlast have attempted – designing a modern boxing glove with a look reminiscent of their classic boxing gloves.

The result is a truly stunning pair of gloves. But do they live up to the hype?

The Everlast 1910 Classic Training Boxing Gloves are available in sizes 12oz, 14oz and 16oz, and come in both Lace-up and Velcro variations. We’ve personally been testing out the 16oz Velcro versions for this review.

Everlast 1910 Classic Training Boxing Gloves


I think it’s safe to say these gloves will appeal to a lot of people. They combine a modern look and feel with details that are undeniably classic, and personally I think they’ve struck a really nice balance. You can pick up a pair in black, red white and brown. The brown gloves have much more of a ‘raw leather’ effect to them which really double down on that vintage theme, but personally I had to pick up a pair in red, as they really give me that classic boxing glove feel.

The designs on these aren’t really anything groundbreaking – the Everlast 1910 Worldwide logo is shown on the back of the knuckles, on the cuff patch and printed on the breathable mesh palm. If you look closely you’ll also notice the ‘Greatness is Within’ tagline just underneath the wrist strap. One detail which isn’t obvious from photos is that the logo on the back of the knuckes isn’t actually printed on but instead seems to be etched/cut out, revealing the raw leather underneath the coloured exterior. It’s not something you spot unless you look closely, but it shows some really interesting attention to detail.

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Everlast state that the Everlast 1910 gloves are made with ‘Premium Leather’, and overall it seems like a fairly solid material. It’s fairly smooth to the touch and feels fairly strong, but I have noticed it’s not particuarly thick and as a result seems to be prone to creasing. That’s not necessarily an issue, but does mean the gloves won’t stay looking ‘perfect’ for long.

The leather only covers the back of the hand though, as the entirety of the inner palm is a breathable mesh. Usually I’m not a fan of this as it can seem like a cost-cutting measure which leads to a flat-shapeless glove, but the mesh on these has a fair amount of padding built-in, which means the gloves still retain both their shape and give a little amount of protection from impacts in that area. I have to admit that these gloves never seemed to get particularly hot for me, which would imply that the breathable mesh has been doing it’s job.

The issue I have with the mesh however, comes from the lack of a grip bar on these gloves. I would guess that this is because older gloves never had grip bars, although these days they’re an almost expected feature which help a lot with the ergonomics of making a fist. I actually don’t mind gloves without grip bars, as I’ve owned a few before, however because the palm is a breathable mesh and not leather, I find it a little weird squashing some mesh between my fingers every time I make a fist.

When talking about the build of a boxing glove we usually like to take a look at the stitching, as it can be an indicator of the quality of the construction. On the leather portions of these gloves everything is impressively neat with straight lines and a couple of reinforcements where needed. What lets the glove down is the stitching on the breathable mesh. Clearly it’s a little harder to stitch into a mesh-like material, as the lines are a lot less straight, and we have a few threads poking out.

Everlast 1910 Classic Training Boxing Gloves


When first putting these gloves on, I found them to be pretty comfortable overall. The inner lining on the back of the hand is smooth and really quite nice, which makes it a little disappointing that the other side with the mesh is a little bit scratchy, especially around the forearm behind the wrist strap. As with most minor details like this, you don’t really notice much when you’re wearing hand wraps and training properly. One thing I did notice however is that the thumb compartment felt a little small. It’s not particularly uncomfortable for me, although I can definitely feel that my thumb pushes against the end of the compartment. If you have particularly large hands, you may be better off trying these gloves on in-person before purchasing, just to be safe.

This review has so far focused a lot on parts of the gloves which aren’t ideal, although overall they do feel pretty good in action. The padding feels pretty substancial across the entire gloves, and they feel pretty well balanced (although perhaps situated more over the fingers than knuckles)

There’s some flex in the wrist which means that you do have more control over your hands, perhaps useful for parrying. Obviously this does come at the expense of wrist protection, so it really depends on what your priority is and how you like to train.


At the time of writing the Everlast 1910 Classic Training Boxing Gloves tend to be around $80 or £70 in the UK. It’s a little hard to say if we’d recommend them at that price. There are definitely some good aspects about these gloves, but there are also a number of issues which many other gloves at this price range don’t have. That said, Everlast are a popular brand, so it’s not unusual to find stores offering a sale or discount on them. If you can save a bit of money on these, then that would be your best moment to pull the trigger.

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We like

  • Great design
  • Good breathability

We don’t like

  • Thumb feels a little short
  • Making a fist can feel a little uncomfortable on the fingers
  • Wrist support isn't great

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