Diamond MMA Compression Jock Shorts Review

Diamond MMA Compression Jock Shorts Review


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Diamond MMA was founded in 2009 as a fight gear apparel company, but after discussions with several fighters Craig Diamond and his team decided to develop the most protective groin guard possible for use in combat sports. Working with both amateur and professional fighters around the world they developed their compression jock and athletic cup system.

Diamond MMA Compression Jock Shorts Review

About the shorts

The Diamond MMA compression shorts are part of Diamond MMA’s athletic cup system (which we’ve previously reviewed). They’re designed to be used in conjunction with the cup, not necessarily as stand alone compression shorts, but they do serve the same function.


Whilst these compression shorts are obviously designed to be worn underneath your normal fight shorts Diamond have still made sure they look as good as possible. The body of the shorts is a deep black, with an elasticated waistband decorated with grey diamonds, ‘Diamond’ printed front and centre, and a Diamond MMA patch stitched to the back. The stitching of the shorts is highlighted in blue, as are the twin jock straps that pass down the back of the shorts before passing through two slits in the groin and securing the athletic cup in place. This colour scheme matches the athletic cup, and give the shorts a stand out appearance.

Materials and Craftsmanship

These compression shorts are made from 82% nylon and 18% spandex, and the Diamond MMA website describes them as ‘military grade elastics’. While I’m no expert on military grade electrics I do know that these shorts feel like some of the highest quality I’ve ever tired. The material feels fractionally thicker than comparable brands, like Under Armour, which means they feel stronger and seem to offer slightly more of a tight, compression feeling.

Diamond have also done a great job putting the shorts together, with reinforced stitching along the seams and stress points, and extra elastic stitched into the hem of each leg. I haven’t been able to find any faults with the construction of the shorts, which isn’t too surprising considering Diamond have Stanford University engineers helping with their design. They feature a pocket in the front for the cup, which is stabilised by the jock straps, as we mentioned in our review of the athletic cup. Overall, they feel like they can stand up to any punishment they’re likely to see in a gym.

Diamond MMA Compression Jock Shorts Review


Both with the athletic cup in place and without these make comfortable compression shorts. Firstly, the patent pending design holds the cup in place brilliantly, preventing it from moving during a session. The system works brilliantly and provides brilliant protection. The shorts themselves are super comfortable, they offer great freedom of movement and feel great. One feature in particular I like is the addition of a drawstring to the elastic waistband, providing the wearer with the ability to adjust the tightness of the shorts. This means you can get a great fit and make sure the shorts stay in place throughout the toughest of training sessions.


These shorts, not including the athletic cup, retail at $59.95. This makes them fairly expensive for just compression shorts. However what you’re paying for is the full cup system, which is extremely good and I think worth the money. I personally haven’t tested a more comfortable cup, and, whilst I’ve only taken one groin shot wearing it, the system certainly provides plenty of protection.

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+ Very high quality materials
+ Great construction and design

– Fairly expensive


Diamond MMA Compression Jock Shorts Review

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