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Everlast MMA Punch Kick Mitt Review



Originally founded in 1910, Everlast have been a big name in the boxing world for many years. They’re now one of the most widely known USA boxing brands, with gear lines for boxing, mixed martial arts, and fitness related sporting goods.

About the product

The Everlast Punch Kick Mitt is a simple square boxing mitt. It’s a relatively low cost product, so we’d expect it to be aimed at beginners. This is probably the product you choose as a basic solution to start to train with a partner. Unlike most boxing mitts, these are sold individually rather than as a pair. It comes in one colour option and one size.

Everlast Punch Kick Mitt Front


These gloves are designed to fit in with Everlast’s other entry level products. Other products include the Everlast Flat Strike Shield or Everlast Striking Training MMA Gloves that we’ve previously reviewed.

The Punch Kick Mitt is pretty plain. The front and back are in black, with sections of the trim coloured in a medium shade of grey. The only notable features are the recognisable Everlast logo on the front and on the wrist strap. The yellow in the logo stands out quite nicely and stops the plain design of the shield from looking too bland.


As this is a lower priced product we wouldn’t expect amazing quality, and I think you get what you pay for here. Everlast describe this as a ‘Durable Shell Material’, which is vague, but is essentially a synthetic vinyl.

The material seems sturdy enough and I don’t think it’ll tear quickly, but at the same time it has a rubber-like texture which is a little weird to touch. I’ve also noticed that my mitt started to get scuffs and scrapes on it pretty quickly, so don’t expect these to look clean for long.

There are no loose threads, and generaly the stitching isn’t terrible, although the construction still seems a little messy. The closure at the bottom is the most notably messy part. At a glance I can spot pieces of the trim seemingly folded over, and the cord just tucked in.

Everlast Punch Kick Mitt Back


This is as simple as a boxing mitt gets. You wear it as a glove and hold it up as a target for your training partner. It’s an odd decision to only sell a single mitt, but I imagine this is to appeal to other martial arts. The squarer shape also makes me think this. The large shape is actually harder to box, especially if you hit the corner, but makes a bigger target for kicks. It works well enough for blocking kicks, but there are definitely better alternatives, as using a mitt like this means your wrist takes the brunt of the impact.

As mentioned earlier, this is sold as an individual product, not a pair. Although it’s not ideal, you could definitely use one just one for boxing. An interesting form of training would be to wear the Everlast Punch Kick Mitt on one hand with a strike shield such as the Everlast Flat Strike Shield. When training like that you can get a good mix of striking the pad and evading. Here’s a great example shared by Pure Padwork of that sort of training in action.

Generally though if you’re doing boxing training, you’re going to want to buy 2 of these.

When used for boxing, they’re okay. They fit well on the hand, with a wide hand compartment that should cater to everyone. The surface is very flat, so you can’t quite get a good ‘grip’ like you can with most striking mitts. The intention of these mitts is definitely to use for a mix of things, such as MMA, and when used like that I can see their benefit.


These retail at £14.99, but are often available from stores such as Amazon and Sports Direct for £7.99. I can’t say it’s really worth it at full price, but at the discounted price it’s not terrible value. If you’re after a simple mitt for mixed uses, then this is a really low-cost solution to get started with. Even if you wanted to pick up 2, that would be just under £16 and keep you going for a while before investing in some better equipment.

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We like

  • Low cost
  • Good for mixing punches and kicks

We don’t like

  • Not sold as a pair
  • Not ideal for boxing
  • Basic materials

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