Everlast Flat Strike Shield

Everlast Flat Strike Shield Review



Originally founded in 1910, Everlast have been a big name in the boxing world for many years. They’re now one of the most widely known USA boxing brands, with gear lines for boxing, mixed martial arts, and fitness related sporting goods.

About the Strike Shield

The Everlast Flat Strike Shield is, as the name suggests, a rectangular strike shield without a curve to it. The front of the shield itself measures at 52cm by 38cm with the depth at a thick 12.5cm. On the back of the strike shield there are two vertical arm straps, with a padded, horizontal handle above to hold.


The strike shield is pretty plain, with the front and back in black, with the outside rim coloured in a medium shade of grey. The only real defining feature is the Everlast logo across the front. The yellow in the logo stands out quite nicely, and stops the plain design of the shield from looking too bland.

Everlast Flat Strike Shield

Materials and Craftsmanship

One if the main issues with the material is that after only a small amount of use, the black front is covered with small scuffs and scrapes. It’s only really a visual issue, but you would hope not to have this issue at all. Other than that, all of the materials seem durable. The straps on the back are formed of strips of fabric. They’re thin, but tough enough that they’re highly unlikely to ever break. The top one has a plastic tube around it, to give a bit more of something to hold on to. Personally I think it would have been better if the same was done to the other two straps.

The stitching all seems neat and sturdy, and there aren’t any loose threads that we can find. There’s also a zip along the top to remove the padding, although you shouldn’t need to mess with this, as the padding is already good.

Use – When Striking

A strike shield like this is often used in kickboxing, as well as a variety of traditional martial arts as an all-round striking target for kicks. Direct kicks such as front kicks (teeps) and side kicks, however it can also be used for roundhouse kicks and held against the legs for practising low kicks. The pad makes a good sizeable target, and the padding is soft enough that kicking is comfortable and you can hit hard without worrying about hurting your foot, but at the same time sturdy enough that the shield doesn’t bend too much.

Use – When Holding

When holding a strike shield, you have a few different options depending on what kick you’re practising, and the handles can be held in multiple different ways. The lower two straps for example are loose enough that they could be held with a single hand, or put your arm through to brace better. The padding also has enough give that you don’t get sent flying if the person you’re training with has a strong kick.

Everlast Flat Strike Shield


In terms of price, the Everlast Flat Strike Shield is currently around £20, which is a brilliant price for a good piece of equipment. If you’re looking for a good value strike shield for practising a variety of kicks, then this is a great choice.

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We like

  • Good padding
  • Good value
  • Great for a variety of kicks

We don’t like

  • Rear handles could be nicer
  • Black front gets scratched easily
  • Only one colour option

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