Corner Smart Boxing Performance Trackers Review

Corner Smart Boxing Performance Trackers Review

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Corner Wearables are a UK based brand producing wearable performance trackers to provide real time and historical data for boxers training sessions since 2017.

About the Trackers

Over the last few years we’ve seen a lot of brands utilising technology to provide performance data for fighters to maximise their effectiveness of their training. We’ve previously reviewed several brands of boxing tracker (like the Hykso trackers and Everlast/PIQ trackers) and now Corner have sent us a pair of their trackers to give our opinion on.

Corner Smart Boxing Performance Trackers Review

The first thing I noticed was that as you unbox the Corner trackers they look very sleek; there’s clearly been thought put into the whole unboxing process. The trackers themselves are thin and rectangular, with a red and blue LED light on opposing corners to show when the trackers are turned on. The trackers are made to either be worn under your hand wraps, tape or fastwraps, or using the specially designed wrist straps that are provided. Both ways work fine, though it’s much easier using the wrist strap when you’re training by yourself. Linking the trackers to your phone is simple, make sure you’re bluetooth is on and tap the trackers until they light up. Once connected, throw a jab and a straight and you’re good to go.

The app itself is very user friendly, you set up your profile and connect your trackers to the app. Then you have several training options; Manual Timing (where you start and stop each round), Interval Training (where you set work/rest times and how many rounds you want) and Quick Start (where the trackers automatically detect when you start and finish your rounds). The trackers collect plenty of useful data through each round including punches per round, speed and power. The data can all be broken down even further, into individual hands, and whether those shots are power punches or straight punches. One of my favorite features is that the app will track your favorite combos and tell you how many you threw of them per round, as well as how many single, 2-3 punch and 4+ punch combos you throw. While this is really useful, I have noticed it can be a bit inaccurate distinguishing what power punches you’re throwing, but this hasn’t been a real issue for training, and presumably as the app continues to be updated this will improve. I also really like that there’s an option to set goals within the app, for power, speed, punches per minute and punches per session and monitor how you match up to these targets in your session.

There’s clearly been plenty of thought put into the development of the Corner trackers, they’re water resistant, punch proof and have a 4 hour battery life, so they’re more than capable of standing up to whatever sort of training you want to do in them. The ability to update your trackers as new software is released means that you’ll always have the most up to date tech for your training.

Overall the Corner trackers offer brilliant insights into your sessions, are simple to use and let you set clear goals to monitor your progress.


The full kit retails for £90 on the Corner website, which for comparison is the same price as buying just one sensor of the the Everlast/PIQ trackers (with the full kit needing 2 sensors), or roughly £50 less than buying a pair of Hykso punch trackers. In my opinion makes the Corner trackers extremely good value, and well worth the investment.

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+ Well Priced
+ Tracks a lot of data
+ Able to set goals for your sessions to monitor improvement

– Some inaccuracy distinguishing between power punches

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