Wicked One Muay Thai Shorts Review

Wicked One Muay Thai Shorts Review





Wicked One are a French streetwear brand founded in 2007. They started by releasing a series of urban apparel inspired by graffiti, tattoo’s and hip-hop culture. They expanded from this to releasing a wide range of fight apparel, including Rashguard’s, Gi’s and Muay Thai Shorts.

About the shorts

These shorts are one variant of a very wide range of muay thai shorts offered by Wicked One. They all have the same basic build, but the designs include single colour, camo and mixed colour variants. Check their full range here.


I love pretty much every one of the Wicked One short designs. They’ve really taken the bold, in your face street style of their apparel, and brought it to their fightwear. The shorts I got to test were the black and white design, and they’re about as plain as Wicked One shorts get. They all combine the traditional thai style (sak yant style tigers, bold writing across the front and back etc) with modern, urban designs such as noir camo. I think it’s a fairly safe bet to say that you could find a Wicked One Thai short to suit any taste.

As I said the white shorts I’ve tested out are probably the subtlest of the shorts Wicked One offer. They feature the fairly standard ‘Wicked1’ logo across the front and back, a crossed baseball bat and ‘WCKD’ logo on the waistband, tiger sak yant patch on the right leg and a stylised ‘W’ on the left, all black detailing on white background. Overall the design of these shorts is great, they look amazing.

Materials and Craftsmanship

These shorts are 100% polyester, which makes them nice and soft, and very light. The waistband is a traditional wide style, with seven bands of elastic and an adjustable drawstring to ensure a tight, comfortable fit. Similar to the Yokkao custom shorts we’ve previously reviewed these shorts have side panels to maximise the range of movement during kicks, but unlike the Yokkao shorts the side panels on the Wicked One shorts are mesh, which makes them breathable as well as flexible. The one complaint I’ve had about these shorts is the patch work on the front ‘Wicked1’ logo. The patch is pulling away from the shorts where it’s been stitched under the K and E, which does take something away from the quality of an otherwise great pair of shorts.


I’ve found these shorts very comfortable to use. They’re nice and light, and the side panels allow the shorts to stretch, meaning you have completely free range of motion for any sort of kick. Those side panels also allow for additional breathability, making the shorts that bit more comfortable for a longer training session.


These shorts retail for 45 euro each, which to me represents good value for money; they’re a high quality pair of shorts, that are very comfortable to wear. The only thing holding them back is the patch work. I’d recommend these shorts to anyone.

Looking to buy these?





+ Great graphics
+ Huge choice of designs
+ Very comfortable

– Front patch coming away from shorts


Wicked One Muay Thai Shorts Review

2 thoughts on “Wicked One Muay Thai Shorts Review

  1. Good afternoon. Just read the preview on the Wicked1 muay thai shorts and found it very helpful cause am looking to buy one. Just one question I wanted to make , are the shorts true to size. For example i am 32-34 waist and usually wear Medium. But in the venum thai shorts i go one size up, so its Large. Are the shorts true to size or should I go one size up???


    1. Hi there, these were a size L, reviewed by a member of the team with a similar waist measurement, so would probably agree it’s best to go a size up to be safe.


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