5 Great Podcasts For Muay Thai Fighters

5 Great Podcasts For Muay Thai Fighters

Podcasts are awesome. They’re a great way to catch up on the latest news, listen to interesting conversations and to generally be inspired. They also often give great insights into the lives and mindsets of other fighters, who don’t often get the chance to voice their story. Thankfully there are a number of awesome podcasts out there for anyone passionate about Muay Thai, so we thought we’d list 5 of our favourites.

All of the following podcasts are ones which we personally follow and listen to regularly. Some are well established and widely known, some are smaller and picking up traction, but are well worth a listen and currently active (as of 2017). In no particular order, here are 5 great Muay Thai podcasts you should definitely check out.


5 Great Podcasts For Muay Thai Fighters

1 – The K1Anoop Show

Anoop Hothi is a Kickboxing and Muay Thai reporter, who runs the K1Anoop show (formerly the K1Anoop Podcast), along with a range of guests. The K1Anoop show is a great way to catch up with all the current events in the world of Kickboxing and Muay Thai. There’s a big focus on the UK scene, but Anoop often has guests on from Glory Kickboxing, Lion Fight, Enfusion Live and other international events.

Official Description: The K1Anoop Show provides greater insight into the real life stories of Kickboxing and Muay Thai fighters via in-depth interviews and coverage of their professional fighting careers.



5 Great Podcasts For Muay Thai Fighters

2 – Muay Thai Blogcast

We’re big fans of Muay Thai Blog UK, and have actually mentioned them in an article a little while back (check it out here). Muay Thai Blog UK is a website keeping an eye on the Muay Thai scene here in the United Kingdom. The Muay Thai Blogcast is a natural extention of the website, run by the owner Dom. The podcast is still in it’s early days, but has already chatted to fighters such as Liam Harrison and the Muay Thai Guys Sean Fagan and Paul Banasiak (We’ll be mentioning them more in a moment).

Official Description: Muay Thai BlogCast – showcasing the best of Muay Thai to the world.



5 Great Podcasts For Muay Thai Fighters

3 – The Striking Corner

The Striking Corner Podcast is hosted by Eric Rivera and Vinny Scotto. We discovered the podcast not too long ago, but have quickly become fans. While Eric usually takes the lead, the two hosts have a great dynamic and have hosted some great fighter interviews, with a focus mainly on the US Muay Thai scene.

Official Description: The Striking Corner is dedicated to promoting the culture, tradition, and lifestyle of the sports of Muay Thai and Kickboxing worldwide. An in depth look at the sport’s fighters, trainers, promoters, and fans!



5 Great Podcasts For Muay Thai Fighters

4 – The Muay Thai Guys

By far the most established podcast on this list, the Muay Thai Guys podcast is the show hosted by muay-thai-guy.com‘s Sean Fagan and muaythaiathlete.com‘s Paul Banasiak. They find a great balance between interviewing big names in the world of Muay Thai, and just having in-depth discussions about all the things nobody tells you about training and fighting. The Muay Thai Guys podcast has to be one of the most motivational podcasts out there for Muay Thai lovers.

If you haven’t read our quick interview article with Sean, then go check that out too.

Official Description: Fighters Sean Fagan and Paul Banasiak cover all aspects of Muay Thai. They discuss training in Thailand, fighting strategies, upcoming fight cards and much more! If you’re a fan, fighter or full-fledged Muay Thai addict, this podcast was made for you!



5 Great Podcasts For Muay Thai Fighters

5 – The Muay Thai Muppets

The other podcasts in this list have been great for catching up on the latest events, hearing from top fighters and generally learning more about the art of Thai Boxing. That’s all great, but sometimes it could all do with a bit of amusement mixed in. Well thankfully the Muay Thai Muppets’ Jason Woodham and Ziggy Darwish are so full of personality that we’re not convinced they could be boring if they tried. The Brit/Aussie duo are well known for their “creative” tutorials, and bring some of that humour with them to the podcast.

Official Description: Meet the Muay Thai Muppets! Jason Woodham is a beer drinking, cigar loving Brit who in his spare time is a Professional Muay Thai fighter. Ziggy Darwish the better half of the Muppets, The Aussie is a screenwriter/author/sailor/filmmaker/crybaby and avid lover of Muay Thai. The old couple love all things Muay Thai/Kickboxing/Boxing/MMA. The show consists of fight news, interviews with fighters and how to make a mean Thai curry.



So that’s it for now. Hopefully this article has given you a few new ideas next time you need something to listen to. Any you’d add to this list? Let us know in the comments section below!

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