Muay Thai Blog UK – A Great Website for British Muay Thai

Muay Thai Blog UK - A Great Insight Into British Muay Thai

Here at Fight Quality, we review gear used in Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing – all of which we’re pretty passionate about on some level. That said, everyone has a favourite sport and for both of us writers here, that sport is undoubtedly Muay Thai. Now you’ll understand why we often end up featuring a fair few Thai brands in our fight gear reviews! Muay Thai is the reason Fight Quality was founded back in 2015, as well as being what sparked my personal interest in combat sports in general.

Muay Thai Blog UK is a website which is quickly growing to become one of the best websites for keeping an eye out on the Muay Thai scene here in the UK. The website is always releasing a stream of new content, working with some of the best fighters, coaches and promotions in the industry for the best news, event coverage, interviews and more.

The website has been doing a great job at improving the quality of the content this last year and the website now offers several services such as Professional photographs, Gym promos and event coverage. The event coverage is usually great, with Dom (the owner of Muay Thai Blog UK) covering the event well for those who can’t make it, and setting up some great post-fight interviews with the fighters.

Even if you aren’t interested in the UK scene, some of the interviews are a brilliant read, such as this recent interview with Keith McLachlan discussing the transition between fighting and coaching in combat sports. Not to mention the articles and tutorials. One of our favourites is this video tutorial with Jordan Watson and Liam Harrison.

If you’re a fan of Muay Thai, in the UK or otherwise, then my personal recommendation would be to go and check out Muay Thai Blog UK – the dedication and passion to the sport is evident in every post. You can find them over at Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Instagram or of course on their website

What do you think of the website? Are there other websites you think also do an excellent job at covering the sport? Let us know down in the comments.

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