We love working with new brands and getting new gear to review. If you’d like to know a bit more about who we are and what we’re here to do then take a look over at the About Us page. Otherwise, we’ll go over some of the questions we’re often asked about the process.

What brands have we worked with?

So far we’ve reviewed gear from a range of brands, the full list is on the Brands page of our website.

Most of the products are bought by ourselves, although when we’re sent the gear, we make it clear towards the beginning of the review so that we can comply with the FTC’s Endorsement Guidelines and to avoid misleading readers.

What gear do we review?

We review most gear used for training in Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and Kickboxing.

If your product comes in different sizes or colours, let us know when you contact us and we’ll let you know our preferences. As a general rule for boxing gloves, we tend to get a more rounded review from 16oz gloves.

At the moment there are some items we don’t have the capacity to review, including Gi’s and larger objects such as Heavy Bags. We also don’t review supplements, balms, oils or similar products.

Do we get paid for our reviews?

No, we write reviews not advertisements.

If you’d like a review done then all we ask is that you send the product over to us.

Most of our funds come through our supporters on Patreon as well as sales of our Fight Quality Tees and vests, all funds go directly into creating more content and getting the word out.

Where are we based?

Our reviewers are UK based, although the website itself receives views from countries all around the world, mostly from the UK, USA and Canada. We’re happy to work with brands from any country as long as you’re happy to deliver the gear to us.

How long do our reviews take?

The amount of time needed to review gear can vary depending on our schedules, what the gear is and how much gear we have lined up to review from other brands, however as a general rule we won’t review any product until it’s had an absolute minimum of 2 weeks hands on time to ensure that it’s broken in and tested in a variety of situations.

How do our reviews work?

Opinions on gear can be quite subjective, so we try to avoid blanket statements about whether a product is good or bad. Instead we make every review as balanced as possible, summarising both positives and negatives of every item. That way our readers can make up their own mind up and decide for themselves if an item suits their personal needs and preferences.

We think this approach is much fairer than telling them what to think about a product.

We also try to keep the price in mind, so for example we wouldn’t hold a £20 pair of gloves to the same standards that we would expect from a £200 pair of gloves because they’re targeted at completely different users. We instead discuss the whether the item is well priced for what you get and what level of fighter we think it would be best for.

What happens if there’s a problem with the product?

Sometimes faulty products are delivered – it happens with even the best of brands. The rule we run with is that we do exactly what we would if we had bought it ourselves. If we would contact you to organise a replacement, then we do exactly that.

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