Guest Review – Sean Fagan

Guest Review - Sean Fagan

Many people know Sean Fagan as the owner of Muay Thai Guy and Nak Muay Nation, but he’s also a 2x amateur champion, training out of Stockade Martial Arts in Kingston NY.

Sean’s lead venture Muay Thai guy is a great resource for anyone studying the art of eight limbs, with articles, video tutorials and podcasts which he hosts. Through his website Sean gets to talk to a host of big names from the Muay Thai world. If you haven’t come across any of his stuff before, we suggest you check it all out.

But first, we spent a bit of time talking to Sean to find out a little bit about his favourite gear and training advice.

Hi Sean! What’s your favourite piece of fight gear?

Hard to say but my Top King shin guards have been with me the past 5 years and still feel like new. My boxing gloves (also Top King) are my most used piece of equipment

What sort of training do you use them for?

Sparring mainly.

How long have you been using them?

Shin guards for about 5 years, gloves are brand new (about 3 months old).

What was the reason behind you getting them in the first place?

It’s my profession and I need top quality gear.

What is it that you like most about the gloves and why?

The comfort, durability and they look good too.

Guest Review - Sean Fagan

With your fight gear, do you tend to stick to a few select brands, or do you like to use a nice variety?

I tend to stick with Muay Thai specific brands like Top King, Twins, Fairtex and Boon.

Is there any other gear you couldn’t train without?

Mouth guard and a Thai steel cup.

What pushes you to do your best during training?

I just love to train so it comes naturally. When I have a fight coming up there’s obviously some added motivation.

What’s your best training tip for aspiring fighters?

Train hard, train smart, stay consistent and believe in yourself.

Anything else you’d like to add?

Thanks for having me!

Guest Review - Sean Fagan

If you want to keep track of Sean’s progress, you can find interact with him through the Muay Thai Guy pages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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  1. If it wasn’t for finding Seans Videos and tutorials I would never have got into Muay Thai/Kickboxing. If I cant remeber what I drilled in the gym that night he has hundreds of videos for me to scroll through so I can prcatice another technique (which usually gives me an edge in sparring as my partners only know what our teachers have taught them). I’ve spoke to Sean and will be reviewing the Heavy bag Blueprint as soon as my home gym is finished…Mrs Monkey always has to film my things lol. Great article.

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