Training Around Coronavirus

Training Around Coronavirus

With constant dramatic headlines, the sudden realisation of how often you touch your face and the fact you can’t buy a roll of toilet paper anywhere it’s easy to feel like the apocalypse is inbound at the moment. Statistically if you’re someone reading this you’re fit, healthy and exercise regularly, so are likely to be in the lower risk categories but you’re also likely to know people who are at higher risk from the virus and we’re assuming you’re going to want to try and not pass it on to them. If everyone stays calm (anyone with a garage full off loo roll we’re looking at you) and does their part to stop the spread we can help reduce the load on health services, stop vulnerable people from contracting coronavirus and make sure society doesn’t grind to a halt. 

One of the main pieces of advice is avoiding unnecessary contact with people and gathering in large groups, and a lot of places, including gyms, are closing because of this. While you can just take a couple weeks off training, if you’re serious about it, two weeks off can seem like an eternity. So we’ve put together a list of resources you can use to continue improving while you’re at home under quarantine, and make sure you’re in shape to fight for the final pot of hand sanitizer when society has fallen.

Muay Thai Guy’s Website and YouTube Channel

The Muay Thai Guy, or Sean Fagan to his friends, has been producing top quality content on his website and YouTube channel for ages. He’s got a website full of articles, free workouts on YouTube and even paid courses. If you have a heavy bag at home you can check out his Heavy Bag Blueprint 2.0 workout course, or if you just want to get some quick work in check out one or two of his shadow boxing workouts.

Fight Tips

Shane Fazen is another content producer who’s been creating amazing training videos for years. Filming most of his videos from his garage gym Shane might have a better set up that the majority of us, and a fair bit of his content is designed for training with a partner, but he’s got plenty of videos you can use to train alone such as this No-Gym MMA Workout (full disclaimer, Shane no longer has the epic dreads and we’re all sad about it). You can also check out Shane’s Instagram page, where he regularly uploads heavy bag combos you can try out.

Liam Harrison’s Website

If you’re not worried about spending money on your training content you can’t go far wrong with Liam Harrison’s Training Website. Liam has put together hours and hours of videos teaching his signature devastating techniques across several modules. You’ll need a heavy bag to train this at home, but with regular videos, blog posts and guest contributions from other world class fighters you’ll have everything you need to coach yourself at home. You need to subscribe to the site, which is £11.99 a month or £89.99 for a year, but to essentially have Liam ready to give you a seminar in your front room then it’s well worth the money.

John Dannaher Enter the System Programs

If striking isn’t your thing and you prefer BJJ then there’s a ton of instruction video programs out there, with most major names in the sport offering some form of DVD course. John Dannaher is known for his very cerebral approach to BJJ and for producing some insanely talented competitors – he also has a range of DVD’s that cover a variety of positions including leg locks and back attacks. It might be a challenge to find someone to drill with at the moment, but you can watch and learn the concepts behind the techniques and get yourself familiar with them ready for a big return to the matts.

Do you train following videos at home? Any tools and resources you’d add to the list? Let us know in the comments.

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