RDX F7 Ego Boxing Gloves Review

RDX F7 Ego Boxing Gloves (14oz) Review

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RDX is one of the UK’s most widely known fight brands. They have a reputation for producing with reasonable price tags for beginner and intermediate level fighters. Because of this, RDX are a popular choice for people’s first equipment when they’re starting out in martial arts. RDX have now expanded to the US and their gear is available in a number of countries worldwide.

About the gloves

We’ve recently been testing out a few RDX Gloves including the top-of-the-range RDX C4 gloves (which we’ve already reviewed). The RDX ‘F7’ – also known as the RDX Ego gloves – are instead at a much more budget friendly price point, and so have become a popular choice among beginners.

The gloves are available in sizes between 8oz to 16oz. Most brands start at 10oz, so the addition of an 8oz pair here means that there’s a lighter weight for youths or lighter people who just want a glove for light cardio work.

RDX sent us a pair of these gloves in 14oz to test out and give our honest opinion on.

RDX F7 Ego Boxing Gloves Review


The visuals are without a doubt the reason that these gloves are so popular. They have a pretty clean design, with all colours using white as a base, with a highlight colour adding detail. There are four highlight colours to choose from; Red, blue, green and gold. The red and blue are colours which will fit in with any of your other gear, with the green feeling a bit more vibrant. Our favourite (and also the version we’ve been testing out) has to be the gold, which unlike the others has a slight metallic shine, which really amplifies the design.

The design looks great as it is, but is also fairly clever design. With time, white gloves usually tend to show some wear on the knuckles, however seeing as the gloves have graphics across the knuckles it’s somewhat hidden, and should help the gloves look clean for a fair bit longer.

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For gloves in this price range, the RDX F7 seem fairly well made. They won’t last forever, but that doesn’t matter so much because these are gloves which most people will own for occasional training, or simply when they’re just starting out.

The outside of the glove is made with Maya Hide™ leather. It’s easy to read that and assume these are made with genuine leather, however ‘Maya Hide’ is actually the term RDX use for an artificial PU leather. The material feels a bit smoother to touch than real leather, with a slightly plasticy or rubbery feel to them. Overall they aren’t bad though, and feel sturdy enough to last a fair while. The main complaint I have with the material isn’t to do with the feel or durability, but rather the fact that when gripping your fist or moving your hand, the material can squeak a little as the fingers, and thumb rub against each other slightly. It’s more noticeable when new, but it’s a little bit annoying at times.

The inner material is great and has a smooth feel on the skin. Obviously you don’t notice this so much if you’re wearing hand wraps (which we always recommend), but it always adds a little bit of comfort on the fingers compared to some of the scratchy inner linings some low-value gloves use. There is a label stitched on to the back of the inner wrist, which I was initially worried might feel a bit scratchy, but thankfully I haven’t found any issues with it.

RDX F7 Ego Boxing Gloves Review


Our gloves are 14oz, so obviously the padding will vary depending on which size you go for. I’ve found the padding to be fairly substantial, feeling well padded over the knuckles, but also slim enough that the gloves don’t feel too bulky. We’ve found that some of the budget range gloves we’ve tested from other brands like Lonsdale and Everlast often have pretty thin padding which doesn’t offer a huge amount of support, but in comparison the RDX S7 feels fairly well padded, meaning it’ll feel easier on the knuckles.

It’s fairly easy to make a fist around the grip bar, although I’ve personally found the thumb feels a little short on me. This leads me to think these gloves are probably a bit better for people who have smaller hands, which is also helped by the fact that the padding holds your hand in place fairly snugly.

The wrist has a fair amount of support. It’s not incredible, but is definitely sturdier than some of the other beginner gloves we’ve tried, which should help to minimise the risk of injuries.

I’ve found after a long session these gloves can trap a fair bit of moisture. They don’t really feel damp, but it’s evident that the PU leather isn’t as breathable as real leather. There’s a triangle of small perforations on the palm to help air them out, but this doesn’t really help around the fingers and thumb, so you’ll want to make sure you’re airing your gloves out properly.


The RDX F7 Ego Boxing Gloves retail at about £28.99, which I think is a fair price for these. Obviously these aren’t gloves you’ll be using for years, but they would make a great pair if you’re looking for a pair of gloves under £30.

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+ Good value
+ Bright, clean colours
+ Well padded

– Material feels rubbery
– Wrist support isn’t brilliant
– PU makes noise as it rubs against itself

RDX F7 Ego Boxing Gloves Review

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