The Most Beautiful Boxing Gloves on the Market

The Most Beautiful Boxing Gloves on the Market

Here at FQ we’re about performance as much as looks. A great pair of boxing gloves needs to look good but also serve its purpose. That being said, there’s always going to be part of us that loves the feeling of taking an amazing looking pair of gloves out of your gym bag and feeling your training partners envious looks. 

We also believe in bringing in experts, so when we decided that we wanted to bring you a list of the best looking boxing gloves available we approached the team from Boxing Glove Inspiration (@gloveinspiration on Instagram), who’ve dedicated themselves to collating the most aesthetically pleasing boxing gloves you can buy. We’ve gone through their page and put together a list of the best looking boxing gloves on the market.

Ezio Eclipse Boxing Gloves

The Ezio Eclipse gloves are gorgeous; crisp white, just the right amount of gold and a design that has a space aged vibe to it. They definitely catch the eye and you can pick up a pair for around £120. 

Fly Sports Superlace X Training Gloves

The Superlace X gloves from Fly are part of their new artificial leather range, and are a testament to the beauty of understated design. Retailing for £180 they’ll certainly turn heads in the gym, without looking flashy.

Everlast Elite Laced Training Gloves

If you prefer your gloves on the darker end of the colour spectrum you won’t get much better than these Everlast Elite gloves – as black as night the classic Everlast logos really stand out, and that flash of yellow on the inside of the thumb hints at something more than your traditional black boxing glove. You can pick yourself up a pair for close to £105.

Winning White Lace Up Boxing Gloves

As well as being renowned as one of the best training gloves in the world Winning also have their design on point. Again showing that with design less is often more, these white lace ups look clean and crisp – if anything you won’t want to use them to keep them looking good! With Winning offering some of the highest range boxing gloves the price tag matches the quality, coming in at over £280.

Di Nardo Tutela Pro Fight Gloves

Another entry from the luxury end of the market, Di Nardo is a fast growing brand known for its craftsmanship. Handmade by a single Italian craftsman from a small workshop in Turin, Di Nardo are proud of every glove they produce. This pair again are a great example of white gloves with gold detailing, but the style and craftsmanship comes at a cost – a little over £900. 

Rival Boxing RS100 Professional Sparring Gloves

Breaking from this list’s theme of white and glove the Rival RS100’s are more accurately described as gold and white. Plenty of thought has gone into the design of the RS100’s – somewhat based on the Rival RS1 gloves we’ve previously reviewed – but our favourite elements are the angles on the seams of the wrist strap and palm of the gloves, which give the impression that the glove flows together. They certainly stand out, and you can get yourself a pair for a hair shy of £190.

Sabas Fight Gear Supersoft Laced Boxing Gloves

If white and gold is an iconic design combo then black and silver has to be the counter to it. These gloves from Sabas have a real classic design with an ‘old school cool’ aesthetic that’s never going to go out of style. Available for £105 they’re the perfect gloves for someone who prefers the spartan side of design.

Make sure that you’re following @gloveinspiration on Instagram for your daily dose of the best looking gloves on the market, and let us know if we’ve missed any beautifully designed gloves off this list!

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