Three tips for staying safe on your return to the gym

Three tips for staying safe on your return to the gym

We’re sure you, like all of us at FQ, were really pleased to hear the news that gyms were starting to reopen in the UK this week – our itchy knuckles have been dying to hit some stuff for too long!

But that being said, there’s still an ongoing pandemic and safety needs to be a top priority. There’s a lot of government guidance that’s been handed out to gyms to keep their members safe, and while it’s not always the clearest of advice we strongly urge everyone to make sure you’re following the instructions of your gym, or doing your own research. 

That being said, we’ve read through the guidance and, while a lot of stuff is relating to gym staff, there’s a few things you can do to keep yourself safe and make life easier for everyone at the gym – here are our three key tips.

1. Check your gym’s mask guidance

The government guidance doesn’t state that gyms have to enforce mandatory masks for their users, but this means it’s basically up to the gym themselves to decide when you’ll need a mask on their premises. If you’re not sure, reach out and ask the gym what they require, but considering the evidence supporting wearing a mask wearing it’s probably best to wear one as much as possible inside the gym. 

2. Follow floor markings

One of the key things that gyms have had to introduce is marked out areas for people to work out. In weight lifting gyms this would be marked off areas around weights benches and machines where only one person is allowed at a time. In fight gyms this is most likely going to look like tapped out areas around bags. The best thing you can do is check with whoever is running your class, and make sure you’re following any guidance about marked off areas.

3. Maintain your distance

As a golden rule for the whole COVID-19 pandemic, keep your distance. Whether its moving around the gym, using the changing rooms, or talking to someone at the front desk, keep a good distance between you and those around you to help minimise any potential spread of the virus.

How are you feeling about returning to training? What measures has your gym introduced to manage COVID-19 as everyone returns? Let us know in the comments!

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