Film Review – Jawbone (2017)

Film Review – Jawbone (2017)

Jimmy McCabe (Johnny Harris) was a champion youth boxer with top prospects whose life took a turn from a worse. At rock bottom and seeking solace in the bottom of a bottle he decides to return to the only skill he’s got.

Well past the age where anyone would consider him a contender he turns to promoter Joe Pagett (Ian McShane) to get him a shot in unlicensed fighting – despite the disapproval of William Carney (Ray Winstone) the owner of Jimmy’s gym.

The traditional format of a boxing film has the fighter going from the top to the bottom and then fighting his way back to redemption, but its rare to find a film where the protagonist starts with nothing. A lot less light hearted than some boxing movies can be it may not be the go to chilled friday night film, but Harris’s portayal of Jimmy makes you realise how far people can fall. You feel pity for Jimmy and the barriers he’s mostly constructed for himself, but you also get the real sense of hope and redemption he has as he drags himself back up, ready to go another round.

“You’re going to get hurt. But maybe that’s what you want”

– Eddie, talking to Jimmy about his training for his upcoming fight

Our Rating

4 stars out of 5

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