Fight Quality Film Review – Dawg Fight (2015)

Fight Quality Film Review – Dawg Fight (2015)

Diverting slightly from our normal film reviews we aren’t covering a fictional film, we’re reviewing the documentary ‘Dawg Fight’.

The documentary takes place in the violent crime ridden Florida suburb of West Perrine and follows Dhafir Harris, better known as Dada 5000. After working as a bodyguard for MMA fighter Kimbo Slice (who grew up in the same neighbourhood) and leaving after Slice’s manager buried a video of Dada winning a backyard fight, apparently for fear of Kimbo being overshadowed, Dada 5000 moved back to West Perrine and sets up a boxing ring in his mother’s backyard. Setting himself up as a promoter he ran illegal, bareknuckle backyard fights for people in the neighbourhood, helping people earn money and fight their way to a better future. No ambulances, no doctors, just two men in a dirt floored ring. The documentary also follows Dada as he’s discovered by scouts and has the opportunity to enter the octagon himself as a pro MMA fighter.

The documentary is gritty, and shows the struggle that men in West Perrine face, where fighting may be the only choice they have to get themselves out of the neighbourhood and into a better life. I probably wouldn’t choose it for lighthearted friday night entertainment, but it’s well worth a watch if you want to see a different side to prizefighting, one that’s very far from the bright lights of a pay per view show.

Our Rating

3 stars out of 5

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