The Best BJJ Fighters In History

The Best BJJ Fighters In History

If you’re a fan of the sport then you will no doubt have your own opinion as to who the best BJJ fighters are. No matter who it is that you are drawn towards, one thing is for sure: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu isn’t for the faint-hearted. Those that are classed as the best BJJ fighters in history are those that exhibit the skill, strength, and grace needed to succeed. While BJJ often appears as a technique in UFC, it is actually a standalone combat sport and here’s our take on who the best fighters ever are:

Roger Gracie

1) Roger Gracie

When you stop and look at Gracie’s achievements, there is little wonder that he is up there as one of the best BJJ fighters. Who else do you know of that can boast that they are a 14 x World Champion?

Gracie is also the first man to ever win three golds in the open weight division. With an impressive 70 plus career wins, he has only lost seven matches in total. Known as the submission specialist, few can get anywhere near Gracie’s level

Marcus Almeida

2)  Marcus Almeida

With a nickname that translates as ‘chubby cheeks’, Almeida may not be an obvious choice to join a list of the best BJJ fighters. You do, of course, need to look beyond the nickname and take a look at all that he has achieved.

Coming from Sao Paulo, Almeida’s original plan centred around being a football pro. He discovered BJJ at the age of 14 and soon went on to become one of the most feared fighters on the scene. 

Ruben Charles

3)  Ruben Charles

With 118 wins to his name, Charles last fight was back in 2017. He was known for his sheer aggression while fighting, but it was his agility that saw him being given the nickname ‘Little Snake’.

Charles is another of the best BJJ fighters that originally explored football as a sport of choice. He found BJJ at the age of 21 and, thanks to his relentless training, he soon became one of the greats. 

André Galvão

4)  André Galvão

If you want to find the very best BJJ fighters then Galvão is an athlete who can’t be ignored. He holds a string of titles and is the co-founder of Atos Jiu-Jitsu Academy.  He is sure to have input in producing future greats in the sport.

Born in Brazil, Galvão discovered BJJ at the age of 16. He made outstanding progress moving from his purple to brown belt in just nine months. There is little doubt that he is one of the best BJJ fighters the world has ever seen.

Marcelo Garcia

5)  Marcelo Garcia

Born in Brazil, and in love with films such as Karate Kid, Garcia was always destined to become a BJJ fighting great. The challenge faced was that it was not taught where he originally lived. Instead, from the age of 8, he turned to karate.

Fans of the sport will always be grateful for the fact that Garcia finally found his way to BJJ. His performances, and wins, see him as being one of the all-time greats. 

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