How Are Boxing Gloves Customised?

How Are Boxing Gloves Customised?

With the popularity of boxing, rise of mix martial arts and ever increasing number of people taking up striking martial arts theres been an increasing demand for the boxing gloves that stand out from the crowd.

Catering to this demand are a host of companies that, often embracing online design systems, offer custom boxing gloves. But not all customisation is created equal. Pretty much everyone can customise colours for you, but what methods do these companies use to add those additional touches that make your gloves really stand out?

Infinitude Printed Customised Boxing Gloves
Infinitude Printed Customised Boxing Gloves

Printed Leather

I guess this technically could come under the colour options banner, but printing is a great way to have your gloves customised. Take the Infinitude Fight Raptor Xtremes that we reviewed – the take a design you chose and print it onto your gloves. For the pair we reviewed Infinitude printed a replica of my sak yant tattoo, which is a reasonably complex design, and recreated it in perfect detail on my gloves. You can also get patterns, text and other designs printed directly onto the leather of your gloves.

iBox Embroidered Customised Boxing Gloves
iBox Embroidered Customised Boxing Gloves


Most commonly used when it comes to adding text, such as a fighters nickname or initials, embroidery gives, in my opinion at least, a certain class to the glove. The thread can be any colour you want, and provides another element of texture to a pair of gloves. The downside is the limited application to intricate designs.

Grant Hand Painted Customised Boxing Gloves
Grant Hand Painted Customised Boxing Gloves


This ones more unique. Some brands, namely Grant, actually crack out the paintbrushes and hand paint their designs. Similar to embroidery painting is typically reserved for initials and other detailing, but get someone who’s good at caligraphy and you’ll have a pair of gloves that are very high quality. Unique painting jobs are uncommon but also possible. Though technically not customised Fairtex released a range of gloves called ‘The Painter’ which featured paint splatters that were 100% unique to each pair. 

Yokkao 'Tattooed' Customised Boxing Gloves
Yokkao ‘Tattooed’ Customised Boxing Gloves


This is definitely thinking outside the box, and I’ve only seen it done once in a recent Yokkao video. The results were questionable, but the possibility of having a highly skilled tattoo artist create you a completely unique pair of gloves is definitely appealing.

Have we missed out a way of customising gloves? Let us know in the comments!

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