Infinitude Fight Raptor Xtreme Pro Custom Boxing Gloves Review

Infinitude Fight Raptor Xtreme Pro Custom Designed Boxing Gloves (16oz) Review


Infinitude Fight are a rapidly growing custom boxing equipment range, they offer products like gloves and headgear, and plan to expand into other ranges such as BJJ Gi’s in the future too. Infinitude’s online 3D visualiser allows you to see your designs as you customise, and is a key feature of their service.

About the gloves

The Raptor Xtreme gloves are one of three custom glove options that Infinitude have on offer. The three designs are your ‘basic’ boxing glove styles (two lace up variants and one velcro) and the Raptors are one of the lace up variants. Infinitude let us customise a 16oz pair and sent them over for us to test out and review.

Infinitude Fight Raptor Xtreme Pro Custom Boxing Gloves Review


Visuals on the Raptors is an interesting area, because in theory they should be 10/10 for everyone. Infinitude offer a full customisation system for their boxing gloves, letting you choose from a range of colours (matte and fluorescent) for every panel of the gloves, the piping and the laces, you can add custom logos or choose your own designs in several places, as well as adding in text in different places as well.

The customiser itself is so user friendly, walking you through the stages of designing the glove in and easy to follow sequence. Drag and drop photos of your designs onto the interface and you can resize and position them exactly as you want. I genuinely spent a good couple of hours working through different possibilities and sending screenshots to my training partners before settling on a final design. The only drawback is that they don’t offer an embroidery option for their graphics (like some other brands do), which would be the icing on the cake.

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Infinitude make their gloves using premium cowhide leather and ‘high-quality’ padding. The padding is presumably some foam variant, and is definitely on the soft end of the spectrum, with a lot of give when you squeeze the knuckles of the glove. They also have quite a slim profile compared to other 16oz gloves we’ve used, part of this is due to the limited padding on the palm of the glove – Infinitude have included inner wrist padding but this stops at the base of the thumb, and the only other palm padding is the grip bar.

All their products are produced in their own factories (which is how they can keep costs down) and so they have more control over the craftsmanship of their gloves. The build is good quality overall, with the glove being put together very well. The most impressive element of the craftsmanship, in my opinion, is the printing of the custom design we sent over. A fairly complex copy of a traditional sak yant tattoo that was positioned exactly as requested in the customiser and is perfectly recreated on the back of the glove.

Infinitude Fight Raptor Xtreme Pro Custom Boxing Gloves Review


The Raptor gloves are a ‘use straight out the box’ kind of glove, the leather is supple and the padding, as already said, is soft so you don’t really need to break them in a lot. They have a relatively long wrist section, which means they give plenty of support once you’ve laced them up. The thumb position sits nicely against the hand and the design includes a small thumb protector, minimising the likelihood that you’ll smash your thumb into a pad when you’re striking. It has to be said that the lack of padding on the inner lining did feel a bit strange to start with (the glove has a slightly ‘back heavy’ feel to it) it does mean that you can open your palm reasonably well for parrying strikes or catching kicks. Overall they’re a great pair of gloves and very comfortable for any sort of training.


At the time of writing the starting price for one of these gloves is $99, but custom printing (for designs like flags) adds to the price. As far as custom gloves go $99 is a very reasonable price, and the level of customisation that you can chose, along with the craftsmanship and comfort of the glove, mean that we’d suggest Infinitude are a great choice for a pair of custom gloves.

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+ Fully Customisable
+ Good Wrist Support
+ Flexible Hand

– No Palm Padding
– Padding Is Very Soft

Infinitude Fight Raptor Xtreme Pro Custom Boxing Gloves Review

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    1. The Raptor Xtreme is sold as a traditional boxing glove, but would work well enough for either. These gloves were custom designed by a member of our team to feature his Sak Yant tattoo because he planned on using these mostly for Muay Thai.

  1. I have ordered from their site and have also designed my next order. This 3d thing is amazing and better than adidas.

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