The Worst Tattoos In The UFC

The Worst Tattoos in the UFC

Last week we brought you the best tattoos the UFC had to offer. This week we’re flipping the criteria, and looking at those dodgy pieces of work that most people would probably keep covered up – assuming their job isn’t to strip down to a pair of shorts and fight someone in a cage for money. Here’s a few of the most questionable tattoos you’ll find in the octagon.

The Worst Tattoos in the UFC

CM Punk’s Pepsi Logo 

The story goes that CM Punk got his Pepsi logo tattoo when he heard one of his favourite music stars had a coke tattoo because he liked coke, and Punk prefered Pepsi so went for their logo. The reality is that its now a faded reddy pink/blue orb sitting on his shoulder, making everyone ask ‘why does he have a Pepsi logo on his arm?’

The Worst Tattoos in the UFC

Conor McGregor’s Chest Piece 

We included Conor’s tiger in our list of the best tattoos, because its a great piece of work, even if the placement could have been better. However, the tiger is pretty much overshadowed by the massive, angry gorilla that covers most of his chest. Eating a human heart, wearing a crown and with some weird wings its dark, intense and according to Conor has no meaning behind it.

The Worst Tattoos in the UFC

Darren Elkins ‘The Damage’

Darren Elkins has said in interviews that he does give a fuck what people think of his chest tattoo, which is an attitude we can totally get behind – after all, its on his chest. But it’s hard to come by a list of dodgy tattoos without finding a photo of it, carved and stitched into his chest, representing his fighting style.

The Worst Tattoos in the UFC

Alan Belcher’s Johnny Cash

Technically Alan Belcher isn’t in the UFC anymore, he retired back in 2013, but he definitely deserves an honourable mention on this list. The tattoo itself is of Johnny Cash (supposedly the photo of Cash reminds Belcher of his father) but to say it’s an unflattering likeness is a bit of an understatement.

The Worst Tattoos in the UFC

Brock Lesnar’s Sword 

When it comes to the extreme end of tattoos Brock Lesnar has a few pretty good examples, but the one that stands out for everyone is the massive sword on his chest, representing a time when Lesnar felt that life was holding a sword to his throat. The sword itself doesn’t look very sword-like, for a start it doesn’t have a point and it’s got a knuckle-duster grip, and a lot of people have said it comes off as something a lot more phallic.

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