Five UFC fighters to watch for the rest of the year

Five UFC fighters to watch for the rest of the year

We’re past the halfway point of 2019 and the UFC train keeps on rolling with their new ESPN+ deal. With some big cards already behind us this year FQ is looking to the next six months, and these are the fighters we’re excited about:

Jorge Masvidal 

Coming off that finish of Ben Askren on Saturday night Jorge and the Till KO a couple of months ago Jorge is (at the time of writing) sitting at number four in the welterweight rankings, with a lot of eyes on him. We’re predicting a title eliminator for his next fight, and maybe even a title fight by the end of the year. 

Daniel Cormier

DC is going to be rematching Stipe next month, which despite their first fight is still no easy task. It’s also likely to be his final fight as we’re past the point he always said he’d retire, but do we really know what’s going to happen? Will he leave his gloves in the octagon after the Stipe fight? Will he go down as the MMA heavyweight GOAT, and arguably the light heavyweight GOAT?

Johnny Walker

We heard bold words from Walker after the Jones vs Santos match up, and he’s definitely riding a hype train after his last few outings in the Octagon. A lot of people have said it’s too early for Walker to take on Jones, and we agree. But that being said, Bones looked more beatable than ever on Saturday, winning via close decision when a lot of people think the Brazilian could have got the nod. With Walker’s shoulder injury on the mend we’re going to be all eyes when he gets back in the Octagon – we think 1 or 2 more big KO’s and he’ll be facing off against Bones.

Khalil Roundtree Jr

At FQ we definitely have a bias towards Muay Thai and, after his loss to Johnny Walker, so does Roundtree. He moved to Thailand, reinvented himself and looked phenomenal against Eyrk Anders. We’re excited to see him get back in the cage, and with his backstory and personality, it’s hard not to be a fan. 

Tony Ferguson 

Ignore the fact that Khabib vs Dustin is going to be a huge fight in itself, and not an easy payday for either fighter. Circling in the background, like a shark with an overly intense look on its face, is Tony. Constantly circling, and literally never getting tired. While Dustin is no push over and certainly could end Khabib’s unbeaten run, we think that Tony’s skills match up best with the Dagastani, and we’ll be tuning in to see him take on the winner.

Who are you looking forward to seeing fight before 2020? Let us know in the comments! 

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