Fight Quality Film Review – Rocky II (1979)

Fight Quality Film Review – Rocky II (1979)

Having successfully survived till the final bell against Apollo Creed in the first film (which we previously reviewed) Rocky Balboa is trying to enjoy life with his family and move away from boxing, believing he has no future as a fighter.

After failing starring in commercials and struggling to find menial work, and with Creed constantly goading him for a rematch to prove that the first fight was a freak occurrence, Rocky decides once again to step back into the ring and compete for the heavyweight belt. However when the health of his family becomes uncertain his training takes a back seat; does Rocky have what it takes to get himself into fight shape and prove he’s more than just a contender?

Just like the first Rocky film this is another timeless, classic boxing film, and a must see for any true boxing fan. Or fight fan. Or anyone really.

Most memorable line

Reporter: “Rock, you got anything derogatory to say about the champ?”
Rocky Balboa: “Derogatory? Yeah. He’s great.”

Our Rating

4 stars out of 5

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