Lace Up Boxing Gloves vs Velcro Boxing Gloves

Lace Up Boxing Gloves vs Velcro Boxing Gloves

When boxing gloves first started, they were all made with laces, but it wasn’t until a lot later, a little while after the ‘hook and loop’ enclosures which are usually known as Velcro were introduced to make boxing gloves a lot quicker and easier to put on. As the years have gone by, Velcro gloves are now incredibly popular and almost all beginners will start with Velcro gloves. You may be asking whether you should be wearing lace up boxing gloves or Velcro boxing gloves, but the decision between the two is effectively a decision between better fit or better convenience.

So what are the benefits of each type?

Lace Up Boxing Gloves vs Velcro Boxing Gloves

Lace-Up Boxing Gloves

  • Lace-up gloves provide a closer, more secure fit
  • Often have a longer cuff, but not always
  • Require the help of another person to lace up for you
  • Mostly used for professional fights as it’s easy to add a sleeve or add a layer of tape around the wrist to hold the laces in shape
  • In professional boxing, lace up gloves are the norm because fighters usually have a coach or trainer to fasten the gloves for them

To get around the problem with not always having someone to lace up your gloves for you, some people opt to replace the laces in their gloves with elasticated cord. Doing this doesn’t give anywhere near as nice a fit as standard laces do, but does mean you can stretch it to get your hands in and secured without anybody else’s help.


Lace Up Boxing Gloves vs Velcro Boxing Gloves

Velcro Boxing Gloves

  • Velcro gloves are quick to put on for training
  • There are a number of different fastening styles of velcro attachment, wrapping around in different directions or using elastic to try and get a snug fit
  • You can get a good amount of wrist protection from some Velcro gloves
  • Unfortunately they can sometimes scratch opponents or get caught during sparring or fighting, hence why they’re not used much in competitions

Velcro gloves are really focused on ease of use. More and more people train alone now, so being able to glove up on your own is almost a must. They’re also favoured by beginners, as they work well with short training sessions, allowing you to take them off and put them back on again in seconds, not to mention the fact that they’re often much cheaper.


Lace Up Boxing Gloves vs Velcro Boxing Gloves

Hybrid Boxing Gloves

As well as lace-up gloves and velcro gloves, there’s also another type – Hybrid gloves. While not as common, there are a few of these gloves about now. Cleto Reyes Hybrid Training Gloves, Hayabusa Kanpeki Elite V-Lace Gloves and the 16oz Hayabusa Glory Training Gloves are all examples of hybrid training gloves. They try to incorporate both laces and Velcro for the best results. Unfortunately, while they maximise on fit and protection, you’ll still need someone to help with the laces, so you lose out on a lot of the convenience. It is still possible to just tuck in the laces instead and rely solely on the Velcro strap though, so you do have much more flexibility in how you secure your gloves.


Lace Up Boxing Gloves vs Velcro Boxing Gloves

If you’re wondering which type of gloves you should be using then it really comes down to two things; the type of activity you’re using your boxing gloves for, and your own personal preference. Before writing the post, we asked a few of our Twitter followers what type of boxing gloves they preferred. As you can see it’s a pretty even split between Velcro and lace-up gloves, but some people prefer hybrid gloves too.

So there you have it, our guide to Lace-up and Velcro boxing gloves. Which do you personally prefer to use in training? Let us know in the poll below and then tell us why in the comments!


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