Skipping for Cardio: Fight Quality’s Favourite Approaches

Skipping for Cardio: Fight Quality's Favourite Approaches

A skipping rope is an extremely versatile training tool. Small enough to pack any time your traveling its the easiest way to get in work on the move. Despite this, skipping can be incredibly challenging and really push your cardio to another level. There’s a reason skipping has been a training tool for fighters for generations. Alongside developing cardio fitness it improves other aspects of your skills like footwork and rythmn. From black and white video of Muhammed Ali swinging a leather rope to 20 minute long Muay Thai warm ups you find ropes in every gym. However, like all training, not having a plan before you can set you up for a rubbish time. Thankfully Fight Quality is here to help and we’ve listed our favourite ways to utilise skipping to improve your cardio. Read on and find out our favourite ways to approach our skipping sessions.

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