AQF Floor To Ceiling Double End Bag Review

AQF Floor To Ceiling Double End Bag Review


AQF Sports is an UK based brand selling gym and martial arts equipment internationally. They were originally founded as a manufacturer for third parties, but quickly realised that their passion for providing quality products was better served by direct to consumer sales. Since 2011 they’ve been supplying boxing gear, MMA gear and performance apparel. 

About the product

AQF have two double end bags in their range, a circular and an ovular version. Both bags come with everything you need to attach it to the floor and ceiling, and have a straightforward football style pump attachment. There are two colour options (red and black or white and black) and the white and black variation has several different pattern design options.

AQF Floor To Ceiling Double End Bag Review


Overall, like with most forms of punch bag, the aesthetics are pretty simple and utilitarian. Alternating red and black sections, with ‘No Limits’ and the AQF logo printed on one red section. It’s worth noting that there’s some more variation to the white and black versions, with patterns across the white panels. While there’s not much flash to the red and black variation we actually quite like the spartan side of it; it looks simple and it does its job. 


AQF uses ‘Authentic Rex Leather’ to make  their double end bag. As with a lot of companies it’s not super easy to work out what this actually means, but from what we can tell (from both the name ‘rex’ , and the inclusion of a term like ‘rex’ between authentic and leather) its a form of artificial leather called rexine. Typically artificial leather products have a lower life expectancy than their real leather counterparts, but we’ve not seen any sign of damage while we’ve been testing out the bag during our training. In terms of craftsmanship the bag is neatly built and appears to have been constructed to a high standard. It’s worth noting it comes complete with all the elasticated ropes, hooks and anchor points you need to attach it to the floor/ceiling, and they all appear to be good quality and well put together as well.

AQF Floor To Ceiling Double End Bag Review


Using a floor to ceiling double end bag is great fun. It’s an amazing way to train both offensively and defensively, and about as close as you can get to a bag that hits you back (other than sticking a bunch of pool noodles on a heavy bag). A lot of people assume it’s a pretty boxing centric training method but, if you’re inventive enough, you can use it for practicing all kinds of interesting techniques. AQF’s double end bag is really easy to use; it’s simple football style pump means you can get it inflated fast and it holds air really reliably. The hardest part of setting it up, which applies to all floor to ceiling bags, is finding suitable anchor points. If you can’t drill into your ceiling you might be out of luck, but if you can then we’d recommend anchoring the other end of the bag to a weight plate or dumbbell so you can remove the whole thing for storage (assuming you aren’t setting it up in your own gym!)


The AQF double end bag is available on their website for £27.99. We’d say this was good value for money – as long as you’ve got somewhere you can anchor the bag even a beginner could afford this bag, and it’s a great way to get your training in at home.

Looking to buy this?

We like

+ Affordable

+ Easy inflation

+ Great for solo training

We don’t like

– Needs fixing to ceiling/floor

– Limited colour options

– Synthetic Leather

AQF Floor To Ceiling Double End Bag Review

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