The Most Popular Professional Boxing Gloves

The Most Popular Professional Boxing Gloves

Having the right pair of boxing gloves can make a difference in terms of comfort, protection and impact. In the ranks of pro boxing, having the perfect pair of gloves means one less distraction, helping fighters have a clearer sense of focus when doing what they do best.

So what gloves are most favoured by the pro fighters who live and breathe boxing? Here’s a breakdown of the most popular brands of boxing gloves used by the elites.

Everlast Gloves

The Most Popular Professional Boxing Gloves
Amir Khan and Canelo Álvarez, both wearing Everlast gloves

Everlast is one of the most widely known boxing brands out there. Even people who have never watched a boxing match in their lives probably know who Everlast are, thanks to their range of fitness equipment and apparel.

Everlast often get a bad reputation, but that’s mainly because as well as their professional level equipment they also produce budget friendly beginner gear. Unfortunately it’s usually a case of getting what you pay for, however their top level boxing gloves are loved and used by many fighters.

Everlast gloves tend to fall in between ‘pillow gloves’ and ‘puncher’s gloves’ which makes them well balanced in terms of protection and punching power.

Rival Gloves

The Most Popular Professional Boxing Gloves
Vasyl Lomachenko and Jason Sosa both, wearing Rival gloves

Rival gloves have amassed a huge amount of popularity in recent years, recently branching out to the UK in addition to already having a strong presence in Canada and the USA.

Most Pro gloves tend to stick with a fairly basic design, however Rival gloves are almost always visually beatiful, and their custom gloves are some of the most unique gloves we’ve ever seen. Just take a closer look here at Lomachenko’s ‘Matrix’ inspired gloves (also seen in the image above) and you’ll see what we mean.

Cleto Reyes Gloves

The Most Popular Professional Boxing Gloves
Miguel Cotto and Manny Pacquiao, both wearing Cleto Reyes gloves

Cleto reyes have always been up there as one of the pro fighter’s gloves of choice. Our review of the Cleto Reyes Hybrid Training Gloves found that the brand has a great fit, with brilliant materials and great attention to detail. Cleto Reyes have also recently started adding some great additions to their range.

The pro fight gloves are even more streamlined than the ones we’ve tested ourselves, and are notoriously a ‘puncher’s glove’ which hit hard, however don’t usually offer the same level of hand protection as other brands. They’re favoured by many boxers who are looking to hit as hard as possible.

Winning Gloves

The Most Popular Professional Boxing Gloves
Canelo Álvarez (right), wearing Winning gloves

Winning is a Japanese brand who produce gloves with great durability and hand protection. Many fighters swear by Winning when training, because of the way the padding protects the hand. Many boxers who don’t fight with the gloves still choose to use them when in the gym to keep their hands protected as much as possible.

While 8oz or 10oz may not add as much protection as the heavier weights used in the gym, the Winning fight gloves are still more protective than other pro fight gloves. Many boxers who have issues with their hands like to stick to Winning, however there are a number of boxers who simply prefer the comfort to other brands. Unfortunately the gloves are some of the most expensive on the market, alongside Grant, so they’re a brand usually only seen by boxers who are serious about the sport.

Grant Gloves

The Most Popular Professional Boxing Gloves
Gennady Golovkin and David Lemieux, both wearing Grant gloves

Grants are one of the more common brands of gloves found amongst top level boxers. Just like Winning gloves, the price can be steep to get hold of a pair, however many fighters swear by them in the ring. They tend to have good protection, while remaining hard hitting, so are another brand with the best of both.

Grant gloves are known for fitting the hand nicely, with good support and brilliant craftsmanship. Not to mention that because grant have a strong focus on custom gloves, they can be made in almost any colour combination, resulting in some really beautiful pairs.

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