Sondico Men's Core Tights Review

Sondico Men’s Core Tights Review




Sondico is a well known football brand founded over 50 years ago. Started as a sports accessories company by Mr Sondi during the 60’s and 70’s they were known for producing high quality goal keeping gloves that were used by numerous top flight keepers. They now produce a huge variety of sporting equipment, though they are probably still best known for their football equipment. Not the most relevant pedigree from a martial arts perspective, but they do sell a wide range of compression gear and base layers, which can be useful for fighters.

About the item

The Sondico Core Tights are part of the Sondico compression range, which provide a tight belayer to wear under your training gear that doesn’t hinder your range of motion. Whilst they’re obviously useful for training on cold days, the real benefit comes from the fact that compression clothing has been shown to aid recovery post workout, stopping muscle soreness the next morning.

Sondico Men's Core Tights Review


Like the majority of compression tights and base layers the aesthetics are fairly simple. Available in black or grey, with Sondico printed around the waistband (similar to the Under Armour Compression Shorts or Compression Leggings we’ve already reviewed) and the Sondico logo printed in white on the left thigh. The only difference between the two is the grey pairs have a black waistband.

Materials and Craftsmanship

The Core tights are made from a 92/8% blend of polyester and elastane, which provides a really tight fit (tight enough that it’s tough to get them on!) which is essential to get the benefits provided by compression gear. Over time compression gear does tend to loose it elasticity, the more you wash them the worse it gets, but I’ve been training with these leggings for six months or so and they’re holding their tightness well. The stitching is all high quality, holding up to the stress of training easily with not a stick out of place. Sondico have used flat lock stitching which I’ll get to later, but is a bonus in terms of comfort.

The only material area these leggings fall short in is the printed logo on the leg, which peeled off pretty quickly, though this obviously doesn’t affect the usability of the tights.

Sondico Men's Core Tights Review


I find these leggings very comfortable. Like I said earlier I’ve been using them for about 6 months, for both martial arts training and for strength and conditioning work as well, and they’re well suited to both. There’s no limitation to range of motion when you’re throwing high kicks, and they’re sturdy enough to stand up to a tough strength and conditioning session. Part of this comfort comes from the flat lock stitching Sondico have used, which eliminates any chaffing from the stitching when you’re working out.


Normally retailing at £25.99 a pair you can currently buy them on the Sondico website, or at sports direct, for £9.50. At either price I’d rate these as good value for money – they can be used for any activity, are comfortable and durable. I’d recommend them for anyone looking for a base layer to wear under their training gear.

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+ Comfortable
+ Durable
+ Reasonably priced

– Limited colour choice
– Poor quality printing on the leg logo


Sondico Men's Core Tights Review

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