Danger Equipment No Pain No Gain Camo Muay Thai Shorts Review

Danger Equipment No Pain No Gain Camo Muay Thai Shorts Review

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Started in 2004, Danger Equipment is a brand who produce high quality gear, made in Thailand and deliver to countries across the world, with a strong focus on Western martial arts communities. Their goal is to provide customers with the broadest selection of Martial Arts gear and apparel, the highest level of service and the most competitive prices. In the UK you can find their gear over at Danger Boxing Shop.

Danger Boxing Shop sent us a pair of these shorts to test out and provide our feedback for them.

About the shorts

These shorts are one of the many pairs available from Danger Boxing Shop. These are one of their standard pairs (you can check out the full range of danger shorts here). While we’ve only reviewed the No Pain No Gain shorts, many of Danger’s other shorts are pretty close in terms of build, so parts of this review will apply to those too. We’ve also previously reviewed a set of their ‘Special Fit’ pairs – check out that review here. These shorts are only available in one colour scheme (Camo) and can be brought in sizes Small to 4XL.

Danger Equipment No Pain No Gain Camo Muay Thai Shorts Review


These shorts stand out, but in a fairly unique way. The majority of Thai shorts stand out with vibrant, over the top colours that you can spot from across the room. But the Camo pattern, and the black panels, make these shorts subtle compared to a lot of thai shorts. That being said, the detailing adds flashes of colour that makes the shorts stand out.

On the waistband is a metallic golden Danger Equipment logo, and a couple of inches below the band on the front of the shorts is ‘No Pain’ in a metallic silver, and ‘No Gain’ in a textured, dark green. The same colour scheme is used for an underlined ‘Danger’ on the back of the shorts as well. The camouflage pattern is used in both the satin side panels, as well as four contoured panels stitched onto the front of the legs. Around the stitched on camo panels, and the writing front and back, is a black border with silver glitter, a unique feature I haven’t spotted on other shorts before.

The front designs can require some breaking in, as they’re stiff initially which can give the shorts some odd contours, especially when you wear a cup underneath. But this doesn’t affect the use of the shorts, and only affects the aesthetics for a short time. Overall I like the look of these shorts – they aren’t the typical brash Thai colours, but still have a great aesthetic to them.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Danger haven’t listed any specific details of the materials they’ve used to make the shorts on the website, but from the feel of them the panels seem to be made of satin, or some satin equivalent. This means that the shorts move freely and adds to the comfort of wearing them. The waistband of the shorts are made with eight bands of elastic, giving a secure fit and plenty of support to stop the shorts from slipping during training or fights.

The craftsmanship is what we’ve come to expect from Danger Equipment – high quality. The stitching is neatly done all round, and I haven’t noticed any wear and tear during my time using them. My only complaint is that the stitched on camo panels on the front of the shorts, if you look closely enough, are not quite evenly spaced. This is presumably because the shorts are handmade, and there will be some slight variations between them. This obviously isn’t a huge issue, and doesn’t affect the durability or use of the product. But it is one of those ‘once you notice it’ things where you can’t unsee it once you’ve spotted it the first time.

That being said, the quality of these shorts is top notch, and Danger have kept up their standard of good quality with these.

Danger Equipment No Pain No Gain Camo Muay Thai Shorts Review


I’m a big fan of Thai style shorts in general, and this offering from Danger has lived up to the standard. They’ve been made with extra wide legs, the classic ‘flared’ style of Thai shorts, which means they allow for an unrestricted range of motion when you’re throwing kicks. As I mentioned before the elastic waistband provides a snug fit, and prevents the shorts from slipping when you’re training or fighting. I’ve found the Camo shorts really comfortable to wear and they’ve become a regular part of my kit for training.


You can find these shorts on Danger.shop for a regular price of £30.00, however, at the time of writing they are on sale, and reduced to £24.99. At either price they’re very, very reasonable. They quality of the shorts makes they well worth the price, and they’re cheap enough that even beginners would be within budget.

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Danger Equipment No Pain No Gain Camo Muay Thai Shorts












We like

  • Wide cut legs allows full range of motion
  • Great value for money
  • High quality material

We don’t like

  • Placement of front camo panels may be uneven – Colour may not appeal to everyone – Front design needs breaking in
  • Colour may not appeal to everyone
  • Front design needs breaking in

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