Danger Equipment Silver Special Fit Muay Thai Shorts Review

Danger Equipment Silver Special Fit Muay Thai Shorts Review

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Started in 2004, Danger Equipment is a brand who produce high quality gear, made in Thailand and deliver to countries across the world, with a strong focus on Western martial arts communities. Their goal is to provide customers with the broadest selection of Martial Arts gear and apparel, the highest level of service and the most competitive prices. In the UK you can find their gear over at Danger Boxing Shop.

Danger Boxing Shop sent us a pair of these shorts to test out and provide our feedback for them.

About the shorts

These shorts are one of the many pairs available from Danger Boxing Shop. Unlike most of their shorts, these are one of their more unique pairs, what they call ‘Fit Special Shorts’. Check out the full range here. These ones in particular are ‘panelled’ shorts, which typically sit quite high on the leg, and these have a rather low-cut waist to them as well.

Danger Equipment Silver Special Fit Muay Thai Shorts Review


These shorts are mostly silver, with black side panels. The metallic material looks really good and I personally really liked the way these shorts manage to catch the light without being too bright at the same time. The side panels are a mesh material, with the outlines, as well as the bottom seams on the shorts trimmed with a Danger Equipment branded banner. There’s no design on the back, however the front catches attention with it’s big design, using white and metallic red to stand out. There’s a subtle ‘DE’ logo on the waistband of the shorts, as well as the flashier ‘Danger’ logo on the bottom of the left leg. All of these features work together well and help pull off the premium, stylish look they’re aiming for.

Materials and Craftsmanship

The materials used on these shorts seem to be double layered, with the shiny silver material forming the outter layer, and a thinner polyester layer lining the inside. There’s also the third layer of the mesh panels on both sides. My immediate worry was that the shorts felt a bit thick, however it’s really not noticeable once you’re wearing them, and the polyester on the inside is pretty comfortable on the skin. The double layers also mean that these feel much more durable than many of the shorts we’ve tried in the past, and would hopefully last much longer before wearing through or tearing.

The stitching on the shorts is really well done and secure in all places, including the graphics on the front (an area which we’ve sometimes spotted issues with on other brands of short). Even looking closely at the lettering on the front, the stitching is tight and concise and doesn’t appear to have any loose threads at all. Time will tell if they stay like that after long use, however it’s looking promising so far. The waistband is kept tight with 4 rows of elastic, as well as an adjustable cord if you want a tighter fit.

Danger Equipment Silver Special Fit Muay Thai Shorts Review


I’m usually a big fan of this cut and design of Thai shorts, and these are no exception. The low waist, paired with the fact they sit quite high on the leg allows for plenty of room for movement without being loose. Unlike some of the Thai shorts we’ve tested, these seem to be pretty comfortable to run in, with no rubbing in any areas. Training is much the same. They aren’t irritating in any way and the flexibility is as good as you would expect.

One minor complaint I do have with these shorts is that the graphics on the front are very stiff to start off with. It can look a bit odd, especially with a groin guard underneath, but it makes little impact on the use of the shorts and is something which goes away after a little bit of use, so nothing major to worry about.

What really sets these shorts apart are the visuals. The more modern design is great and there are elements suited to the Thai style many fighters love, but at the same time isn’t too overwhelming, so they could easily appeal to anybody who trains in K1 kickboxing and isn’t overly sold on the Thai visuals.


Despite these being Danger’s Special fit shorts, the prices are actually still fairly reasonable, with the standard retail price at £30, but can sometimes be found on offer for less. Danger Equipment are a genuine Thai brand, so if you consider that shorts made by some of the other popular Thai brands can be double this price, this is a really good deal. These would make a great pair of shorts to add to the collection, but make sure to check out Danger’s other shorts if you’re interested in a slightly different style.

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We like

  • Good fit and shape
  • Metallic material gives premium look
  • Double layered helps durability

We don’t like

  • Colour may not appeal to everyone
  • Front design can be stiff to start with

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