Decha Fight Gear DBGVL1 Boxing Gloves Review

Decha Fight Gear DBGVL1 Boxing Gloves (14oz) Review


We’ve found these boxing gloves to be a good all-rounder which seem to work well for most types of training, coming in at a great price-tag for the quality.

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Decha Fight Gear are a Thailand-based Boxing and Muay Thai brand. The brand offer authentic equipment from Thailand, but with much more competitive prices than many of the established brands on the market. There isn’t a huge amount of information on the brand, which is why we were pretty excited to have the chance to put their equipment to the test.

About the gloves

The DBGVL1 are Decha’s standard leather Velcro gloves. The gloves are designed with Muay Thai in mind, however they don’t lean too heavily into common Muay Thai Glove traits so would work well for boxing training as well. The available glove weights currently range from 12oz to 16oz, so the most popular sizes are covered.

Decha sent us a pair of these gloves in 14oz pair to test and give our opinion on.

Decha Fight Gear DBGVL1 Boxing Gloves Review


From looking at Decha’s range, you can see a clear theme of reds, black and a few dark, natural colours such as burgundy and brown. It’s a theme which works quite well and definitely sets out a defined look and feel for the brand. Despite the clear trend in colours, it still feels like there’s a good variety of choice – at the moment there are 13 different colour combinations to choose from.

The version I’ve been using is the burgundy/black version. I’m a big fan of burgundy as a colour, and the gloves pull it off well. On this version the palm and thumb are made with black leather, and the wrist strap in white, which helps add some nice visual contrast.

The Decha logo is featured on the cuff, thumb and back of the hand, but doesn’t feel too over the top. The only other graphic is the Authenticity stamp on the inner wrist, which lets you know the gloves are hand made in Thailand with genuine leather.

Vintage looking gloves are a bit of a trend in the boxing industry recently, however I feel these gloves find a nice balance between vintage and modern. If you really love the vintage feel then you can pay a little bit extra for the DBGVL1 ‘Classic’ which features a raw, natural looking leather with fewer printed details, and a touch of gold.

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As mentioned previously, the DBGVL1 is made with a genuine cowhide leather. It’s worth noting that there are also non-leather microfiber equivalents (the DBGVM1 and DBGVM2, which come in slightly cheaper with some alternative colours available.

The leather seems good with no imperfections. It feels pretty smooth to the touch, but has a certain ‘dry’ feel which is a little hard to describe.

The inner lining is a nylon style material. It’s not as luxurious as many other brands, but hasn’t seemed to absorb sweat. There’s not a huge amount of breathability on these gloves, so this helps prevent the gloves from feeling too damp after a long session.

Overall the gloves seem to be built really well, with all of the stitching clean and straight. I can’t really fault how the gloves are put together. The important areas are all reinforced and I can’t see any potential weak points in the construction.

Decha Fight Gear DBGVL1 Boxing Gloves Review


When putting these gloves on for the first time they felt fairly tight. The hand compartment is designed to be tight fitting, and the padding holds your hand in place well. I don’t have a problem with the hand compartment being a little tight, as this eases up once you start using the gloves and the padding starts moulding to your hand. I have noticed however that it feels particularly tight around the area where the inner thumb panel connects to the palm.

The padding is pretty thick, making the gloves a little on the large side, but not excessively so. The padding itself has a slight softness to it, without feeling too dense. To compare it to other Thai brands I’d almost describe it as a mid-point between Twins and Yokkao.

The wrist on the gloves is on the longer side for Muay Thai gloves – a little closer to the shape of boon or Windy, which is one of the reasons I think these would work equally as well for boxers as they do for Muay Thai fighters. This adds a good amount of wrist support when training and makes for a fair amount of padding along the arm. While the wrist is a little restricted, the gloves have a fair amount of finger movement even when new, so there shouldn’t be any problems clinching or catching kicks.

Overall I’ve found these to be a good all round glove, and seem to work well for most types of training.


I actually hadn’t seen the price of the Decha DBGVL1 until after I’d started using them, so was in a unique position to speculate on what price I would expect them to be. Based on the quality of these gloves compared to other brands we’ve tested I would have assumed the retail price would be around £50 at least, which is why I was surprised to see that they actually come in at around £35 (or $45).

At the moment these aren’t widely available, so you might have to pay a little bit for the shipping, but overall you’ll still end up getting a great deal on these gloves.

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We like

+ Good value

+ Well fitted

+ Great visuals 

We don’t like

– Not much breathability

– Thumb can feel a little tight

Decha Fight Gear DBGVL1 Boxing Gloves Review

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