Yokkao Muay Thai Hand Wraps Review

Yokkao Muay Thai Hand Wraps Review


Beginning in 2011, YOKKAO has become recognized as the World’s premier Muay Thai brand. Working behind the scenes of the brand is a professional team of former fighters and specialists developing high exposure international events while producing the highest quality gear and innovative aesthetic designs. YOKKAO is the most requested brand creating what has since the beginning been called by the Muay Thai Masters and Nak Muays: “The best fight equipment in the market”. Handcrafted from two factories in Thailand, a Fight Team composed of the best fighters from across the planet and a specialized team in R&D, YOKKAO is the leading manufacturer of Muay Thai and MMA Gear in the World.


The hand wraps come in a number of colours. Not all of the colours are always available in the same places, so sometimes you need to look around to find them, but the colours include black, red, blue, green, yellow, orange, Thai flag pattern and camo flavoured. I got my hands on the red pair, which are a really vibrant, bold colour, which look great. The rectangular Yokkao logo works really well on the patch, giving a modern, yet authentic look.

Yokkao Muay Thai Hand Wraps Review


The hand wraps are made with elasticated cotton. The cotton is thick and fairly strong, but there is only really a tiny amount of stretch in them. The specifications are 2 inches wide, and supposed to be 4m long, but after measuring our pair, we found they only came to about 3.5m, which explains why these feel quite a bit shorter to wear. The Velcro section is really strong on these hand wraps however, and holds itself much firmer than most hand wraps do.


When you first get any pair of hand wraps, the first time putting them on will tell you a lot about them. With the Yokkao wraps, they don’t seem to have a lot of stretch to them, and the material is fairly thick, which means you have to wrap them up ever so slightly tighter than you usually would in order for them to fit the hand in the same way. I usually like to go between all of the fingers with my wrap, but only go through the centre gap with these. This is for two reasons. Firstly, the thickness of the material means that the bunching up in between the fingers feels a lot more noticeable, and secondly, these wraps seem a bit shorter than most 4m or 5m wraps, so don’t allow for such an elaborate wrapping method.

Once on they fit well, and usually stay in place, with maybe a little slipping here and there, but this is fairly standard for wraps with less stretch. Despite being short, these wraps feel really bulky when on, and make the fist the same size as if you were wearing a longer wrap. If the gloves you wear are fairly roomy, then this is fine, however if the pair of gloves you own are tight already, then the hand wraps just take up unnecessary space.

On the whole these are a sturdy pair of hand wraps and have lasted well, however for anybody with smaller hands you may need to adjust the length of the Velcro section. Personally I found I needed to cut off half an inch of the Velcro where it wrapped round too far, because it was catching on the fabric and over time would wear through, which is really not ideal.

Yokkao Muay Thai Hand Wraps Review


The hand wraps can be found in different places priced at about £10 – £15 which is on the higher end for a pair of hand wraps, however if you’re after a thicker pair of hand wraps without so much stretch, then these would be a great addition to your collection.

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+ Bright, vibrant colours
+ Durable
+ Strong Velcro

– Little stretch
– A bit thick
– Velcro too long for slimmer wrists

Yokkao Muay Thai Hand Wraps Review

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