AMMO Boxing Hand Wraps Review

AMMO Boxing Hand Wraps Review



AMMO Boxing are relatively new to the scene, but are already being used by a range of Pro Boxers. The UK based brand sell a small range of high quality equipment, as well as handling custom orders on request.


These hand wraps currently come in just black. Unlike most brands who place an elaborate logo onto a large rectangular patch, AMMO have decided to incude just a small square patch featuring just the letter A – separated and dual coloured, like AMMO Boxing’s full logo.

I really like the way they’ve done this because the styling on the letter is instantly recognisable as the same brand, however at the same time it’s not as in-your-face and feels a little more subtle and stylish.

AMMO Boxing Hand Wraps Review


The AMMO wraps are non-stretch wraps, however the cotton material gives them a very small natural amount of flex, which helps to get a good tight wrap,

The wraps are around 5 meters long so there’s plenty of length to wrap around, but at the same time the material is fairly thin so doesn’t feel as bulky as many other brands of wraps we’ve tested.

The velcro tab is attatched on the underside of the end of the wrap, rather than a protruding tab of velcro, and takes up the full width of the hand wraps. If we were to compare it to any of the hand wraps we’ve already reviewed, it’s kind of like the Hayabusa perfect stretch 2.0 Hand Wraps, but with a little less velcro and much less bulky feeling.


As mentioned previously, these wraps are fairly thin which gives a much more stable feel than some of the other thicker, softer wraps we’ve reviewed. Once wrapped, they feel like they conform to the hand really well, which is great for anyone who has fairly tight fitting gloves.

These are great all round wraps, they’re comfortable to wear throughout a session, easy to get a tight fit and the Velcro is tough enough that it holds the wraps tight throughout the session. If you’re after an all-round pair of wraps then we’d definitely recommend these wraps as a solid choice for any boxer at any level, although some people prefer a material with a bit more stretch.

AMMO Boxing Hand Wraps Review


Currently the best way to buy these is to contact AMMO directly through Facebook or Twitter. They don’t usually sell these individually, but they’re a great addition if you’re already planning on picking up a pair of AMMO Gloves (which we’ll be releasing our review of soon). A pair of AMMO hand wraps will set you back by £5, which is pretty good considering that wraps from other top brands can often be found for double that.


+ Comfortable
+ Good fit
+ Subtle branding

– Only one length available
– Limited colours


AMMO Boxing Hand Wraps Review

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