Hayabusa perfect stretch 2.0 Hand Wraps

Hayabusa perfect stretch 2.0 Hand Wraps Review

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Hayabusa are a popular brand, with strong ties to MMA, but also branching out to various individual martial arts as well. They strive for high performance, and many of their products feature bold, unique designs. They are currently working alongside Glory Kickboxing as the official equipment suppliers.


These hand wraps come in a variety of colours; black, blue, orange, lime green, pink, red and yellow. I ended up with a lime green – not my usual choice, but I really like the vibrancy that comes with it. They’re almost like a neon green colour, and are really bright and bold. I found that after holding some red Thai pads with the wraps on, that they had been stained very slightly in places. The patch on the velcro section is also very visual, with the design formed of a large black section with the Hayabusa logo, bold red stripes, and what I assume to be Japanese letters

Hayabusa perfect stretch 2.0 Hand Wraps


These wraps are 4.5 meters long (180”), which is a fairly standard length for wraps. It’s not completely clear what material these are made out of, with Hayabusa only specifying that they’re made with high-performance fibres. They feel very similar to other wraps we’ve used, however they do seem to hold up well and I haven’t personally found the material to come apart at all.

The Velcro on these wraps is surprisingly impressive. They have a really good grip, and hold well, partly because the Velcro section is so big (although this has other problems which I’ll come to in a minute).

Hayabusa perfect stretch 2.0 Hand Wraps


As far as comfort goes, I found these hand wraps really comfortable to wear. The softness of the material feels good and comfortable in between the fingers and around the joints, and the decent amount of stretch stops them slipping out of position. The fabric is pretty thin, which means that they don’t take up too much room inside your glove either.

There was only one complaint I have about these wraps, although it’s a pretty big one. I really don’t like the Velcro strap. I can see exactly what Hayabusa were trying to achieve, as the large Velcro section increases support and means the Velcro holds tightly, however I find it to be far too stiff and also way too long. Often when velcro straps are too long it’s not a major issue, or they can be cut down slightly, however with these that isn’t an option, and I’ve found the extra inch or so gets caught sometimes when putting gloves on which can be a pain to sort out.


These seem to Range from about £10 to £15 online, which is probably what I’d expect for these. Overall they’re pretty good wraps, and in general I really like most aspects about them, however if you have small wrists then I would definitely advise you to take a look at our other hand wrap reviews to find something with a Velcro strap that will fit better.

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+ Comfortable
+ Slight stretch to them

– Velcro is too bulky
– Velcro strap slightly too long with no way to shorten it

Hayabusa perfect stretch 2.0 Hand Wraps

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