Footwork Drills For Boxing – What You Should Learn Before Matches

Footwork Drills For Boxing - What You Should Learn Before Matches

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Once you have accepted a fight deal as a boxer, you should already know every technique that is going to aid you with your strategies. So before you sign your name in any contract, read this article on footwork drills for boxing to get the most preparations!

How To Do Footwork Drills For Boxing

1.  Stretch Carefully:

Any boxer can tell you that they use their lower body to empower their punches just as much as they use their upper body to throw attacks. Additionally, no fighter can stay at one place for too long because that will expose them to attacks from angles that they cannot block, such as from behind.

Rather than walking, as usual, you will have to be able to move in all directions in the ring. Only when you have such mobility will you be able to keep an eye on your opponents and look for opportunities to poke their defenses open.

Thus, right after you have found your suitable boxing stance, you will learn how to move about. But before you can do any of that, you will need to stretch your legs and feet to avoid getting cramps from all the jumping around.

Work your body from the top down; that should allow you to take note of the muscles that haven’t been warmed up. Aside from stretching and pulling, you can also allow your legs and feet to get used to the intensity they should face, either with jumping jacks or ropes.

2.  Practice Your Steps:

Planning your steps carefully is a great way to evade all attacks. Moving forward, backward, side to side, or simply dancing around one’s fellow boxer is commonly seen within the ring. However, stepping without falling and injuring your body is not as easy as it sounds.

You will need to be able to move in all directions!
You will need to be able to move in all directions!

You should also learn how to do a variety of jumps as well as running, and that requires an entirely different practice set!

3.  Learn How To Twist Your Ankle Properly:

When you throw your punch, you will rely solely on your arm, shoulder, and torso to deliver the force. Unfortunately, that force will not be enough to pose any real threat, so your hip, legs, and especially ankle have to aid your fist. Twisting your ankle to add momentum to the punch is essential to a boxer’s power!

Having a good stance is not enough; you should twist your ankle!
Having a good stance is not enough; you should twist your ankle!

Whenever you practice your attacks, please stay mindful of the entire body, as every muscle on your body is contributing to the act. Most of all, your ankle is the last element that helps you become stronger in your offense.

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4.  Apply Your Footwork To Your Practice Sessions:

Whether you are punching in front of a bag, letting your partner/coach spotting you, or air-punching, footwork plays a big part. Staying in one place is never an option, so applying your techniques whenever possible is best for your reflexes!


That should be all the tips on how to do footwork drills for boxing you should know about! Despite that the feet are often ignored when throwing punches, you will need precision and agility later when you start a match. Now let’s get started practicing!

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