Five Basic Boxing Combos To Use In Sparring

Five Basic Boxing Combos To Use In Sparring

We all know that learning the proper fancy techniques are the most fun – who doesn’t love learning to throw spinning shit? But, as many times as you hear it, basics are what win fights, so basics should be 90% or more of what you train and use.

We’ve previously run through five basic kickboxing combos for you to try out in training, so this time we’re focusing just on throwing hands, and have put together five basic boxing combos.

Jab – Cross – Left Hook – Cross

A simple extension of the standard three strike boxing combo, adding the extra cross on the end can be a great way to catch your opponent off guard. They expect the hook to be the final strike, get ready to throw their counter attack and you nail them with the right hand down the middle.

Cross – Left Hook – Cross

A great variation on a standard three strike combo, this time mixing it up by leading with your rear hand. This is a good combo for when you’re being pressured, as its easy to lay some power down and gain your opponents respect.

Jab – Jab – Cross – Left Body Shot – Left Hook 

This one uses the double jab to get your opponent guarding their face, then as you throw the cross you step in and slightly to your left. This closes the distance and sets you up to fire off a big liver shot, before returning upstairs as your opponents arms drop to to protect their side.

Left Uppercut – Cross – Left Hook – Cross

Again mixing up the opening shot, this is a good combo to break up your opponents guard. Start with a lead uppercut, aiming to exploit a gap under your opponents guard and rock their head back. Quickly follow up with the cross, to push them backwards, and finish with a hook cross to put them down.

Jab – Jab – Right Uppercut – Jab – Cross – Left Hook

This combo is all about volume and keeping your opponent on the back foot. Start with the two jabs to get their guard up, and fire off the right uppercut to slip under their guard. Then back to the straight punches with a one-two, getting your opponent back to focusing on keeping a tight guard, and finish off with the left hook round the side of their guard.

Let us know if you like using any of these combos, or if you’ve got any ones that you think we should have included on this list. Also, keep an eye out for more in this series!

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