Fight Quality Film Review – My Name is Lenny (2017)

Fight Quality Film Review – My Name is Lenny (2017)

In the brutal, blood splattered and uncompromising world of bare knuckle boxing, Lenny Mclean is a figure apart.

This biopic follows Lenny (played by Josh Helman) from the bare knuckle matches into the unlicensed ring, and his trilogy of fights against Roy Shaw (Michael Bisping). Focusing on his life outside the ring, and the troubled past that motivates him, My Name is Lenny provides real insight into the life of England’s most notorious underground fighter.

Whilst the acting does come across as a bit over the top, the film itself is well made, with an interesting and in depth story, and compelling characters. Something slightly different to a standard Creed-style boxing film, My Name is Lenny is well worth a watch.

Most memorable line

“I know what I’m gonna do then. I’m gonna knock him spark out, and be back in here for lunch”

– Lenny Mclean about fighting Roy Shaw

Our Rating

3.5 stars out of 5

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