Guest Review – Sam Spencer

Guest Review - Sam Spencer

Sam Spencer is a professional MMA fighter, training out of Manchester Predators Mixed Martial Arts Gym.

We spoke to Sam to find out a little bit about his favourite gear and training advice.

Hi Sam, before we get started, do you want to give us a quick summary about yourself?

I’m a professional MMA fighter and coach. I’m 23 years old and have been training in the martial arts for 7 years. I went 6-0 as an amateur, picking up a couple of local promotion belts. I turned pro at 21, and my current record is 5-1 with 3 TKOs.

So to start off with, what would you say stands out most as your favourite piece of fight gear?

My style is very boxing heavy, and the best pair of gloves I have ever used are a pair of grey and silver, 10oz Grant lace ups. Grant and Winning are my favourite brands for boxing gear.

As a coach, Title Boxing produce some really good training tools, such as their Zero Impact Punch Cushion and their Punch Sticks.

How long have you been using those, or other products from the same brand?

I have used Cleto Reyes, Winning and Grant boxing gloves for around 2 years now, and I firmly believe that you really do get what you pay for when it comes to boxing gloves.

What was the reason behind you getting those particular ones in the first place?

I was gifted a pair of Cleto Reyes from a training partner and after using them for a couple of months I was hooked on high end boxing gloves. They just ooze quality and class compared with other, cheaper brands. I feel like Winning and Grant are on a whole different level to Cleto Reyes as of late, however.

What would you say are the stand-out features of them and what makes them better than other brands?

The hand protection and comfort of high end boxing gloves are the main selling points for me. They also last MUCH longer than cheaper brands. Plus they look cool as shit.

With your fight gear, do you tend to stick to a few select brands, or do you like to mix it up with a nice variety?

I always wear sports brands like Nike or Adidas to train/fight in rather than MMA branded gear. I think the quality is normally much better and sports brands tend to look a little bit neater.

Is there any other gear you just love to use when training?

I keep it simple, durable sports clothes and a few pairs of high quality boxing gloves. Thats all I need to get the work in.

How much of your training is dedicated to martial arts/technique training and how much is dedicated to other aspects such as cardio, strength and conditioning?

I do two strength and conditioning sessions every week. I train in various martial arts for about 15 hours every week.

With regards to the split between the two, I ensure I am always in shape to push the pace for 3 rounds. And with all of my martial arts training, that only needs to be supplemented with a couple of sessions of S&C to ensure injury prevention and strength maintenance.

What are your thoughts on sparring – Should you go in hard and heavy, or keep it light and technical?

I like to spar hard once a week and spar light once a week. And in my opinion, even hard sparring should be technical.

What pushes you to do your best during training?

Knowing that if I’m not fully prepared come fight day, I might get knocked unconscious in front of all of my friends and family.

And finally what’s your best training tip for aspiring fighters out there?

I think you should invest heavily in yourself if you have any intention of getting anywhere in the sport.

This means that your diet, rehab and recovery regime, your equipment and even your training itself is going to cost you a lot financially. And this is ALWAYS money well spent. You don’t get anything in life for free, pay your way and reap the rewards.

Aside from that, keep turning up, always play to win, but be humble in victory or defeat, and enjoy the process.

Thanks for your time, Sam!

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