MTG Pro LG2 3-Tone Lace Up Gloves Review

MTG Pro LG2 3-Tone Lace Up Gloves Review


MTG Pro are one of the lesser known Thai brands. While they may not get the same levels of attention, what they do is produce hand made, well designed products that aim to be more competitively priced than the more well known Thai companies. They offer a wide variety of Muay Thai equipment, including pads, gloves and shin guards. 

About the gloves

The LG2 gloves are one of MTG Pro’s main ranges. Available in both single colour and a new three tone colour variant. The LG2’s are all lace up and, in the standard style come in red, green, blue, black. In the three tone versions you have the option of black, red and white, or white, red and black.  All options are available in either 14 or 16oz. 

The team at sent us a 16oz pair of the white, red and black version of the gloves to test out and give our opinions on.

MTG Pro LG2 3-Tone Lace Up Gloves


We’ll come straight out and say that we think these gloves look pretty damn good. The back of the wrist and over the knuckles is all (in the case of the gloves we tested) white. The palm and inside wrist are red and the inner thumb is black. The gloves are finished off with black piping round the wrist opening and white laces. On the back of the wrist there’s a cloth MTG logo and on the knuckles there’s a printed logo and a certification that the gloves are handmade in Thailand. 

It’s not uncommon for some Thai brands to favour brightly coloured, flashy designs (or do bright colour options of their existing lines). MTG have stuck with more muted colour options, which gives the gloves a more understated look. They stand out with their fresh white leather and clean lines, but without being too over the top.


Like the belly pad and Thai pads that we’ve previously tested MTG Pro have used genuine leather to build the LG2’s, which means we can be pretty confident on the durability of the gloves. They’ve also used a triple layer padding that’s got a fair about of give to it but still manages to feel dense. They’ve also lined the glove with a satin-feel lining that’s super comfortable even if you aren’t wearing handwraps. As we’ve come to expect from MTG Pro the quality of the materials is brilliant.

MTG Pro proudly hand make all their products in Thailand. In our experience hand making gloves typically offers a higher quality finish and the LG2 gloves definitely reinforce this idea. The leather is spread evenly and neatly with minimal bunching on the curves and round the thumb joint. They’ve reinforced high stress areas such as the wrist joint and inside of the thumb and all the stitching is done well with no loose threads. The padding is nice and thick, with a good spread across the knuckles.

The only area of padding that lets these gloves down is on the inside of the palm on the little finger side of the hand. Like most Muay Thai gloves MTG Pro have included padding on this side of the glove to provide a bit of protection from the variety of strikes you might need to take on your gloves during a fight or sparring. While this padding is there and is nice and solid it isn’t even across the gloves we’ve been testing.

The left glove’s padding stretches from the cuff to the top of the thumb joint but the right gloves padding doesn’t come up quite as far. We aren’t sure if the padding has shifted, or if its how much padding was put in, but it’s a noticeable difference. The reality is this doesn’t make a big difference in the performance of the glove. It’s just worth noting that there can be some variation in the padding on the side of the palm. 

MTG Pro LG2 3-Tone Lace Up Gloves


We’ve found the MTG Pro LG2’s to be very comfortable gloves that’re great to use. The gloves fit fairly snug around the hand and the lining, as mentioned, is a satin feel material. This means even without wraps the gloves are really comfortable to wear. The triple layer padding is dense but maintains a small amount of give that does a great job of distributing force. This gives great protection but still provides that feedback you need to know you’ve really connected with a shot. They’ve shaped the padding really well to position the hand so you can snap into a fist or open to parry or clinch without having to fight against the padding. The wrist is fairly long, which is pretty standard for lace up gloves, and is well padded to provide plenty of support. 

We really can’t find much to pull MTG Pro up on when it comes to these gloves. They’re great all rounders and, as we’re about to cover, the price makes this even more impressive.


You can pick up a pair of LG2 3 tone lace up gloves for £64.99. If you ask us, that’s fantastic value for money. High quality lace up boxing gloves can easily run into triple digit price tags. Even equivalent Thai gloves, such as the Fairtex BGL3 gloves we’ve previously tested, come in at nearer the £100 mark. While the LG2’s are probably a fraction too pricey for a beginner, anyone starting to get a bit more serious about their training or looking for a first pair of lace up gloves really can’t go wrong giving these gloves a go.

Looking to buy these?

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We like

  • High quality materials
  • Fantastic value for money
  • Very comfortable

We don’t like

  • Only two color variants to the 3 tone versions
  • Small issue with positioning of the palm padding

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