Under Armour HeatGear Short Sleeve Compression Top Review

Under Armour HeatGear Short Sleeve Compression Top Review




Under Armour are one of the most widely known of the compression clothing brands. They’re US based and offer a wide range of workout apparel. This includes their HeatGear compression wear, their original selection of base layer shorts, leggings and tops.

About the item

This compression top is the counterpart to the Under Armour shorts we’ve previously reviewed. It makes a suitable base layer for cold weather training or as normal for gym work or warmer outdoor sessions. Available in black, grey, white, royal blue, navy blue, red, ‘rocket red’ or dark orange and sizes from S to XXL – sizing is key in order to get the most from the recovery benefits gained from compression and luckily under armour offer a complete size guide on their website.

Under Armour HeatGear Short Sleeve Compression Top Review


I love the look of these tops, they’ve got a simple aesthetic of one uniform colour highlighted by either white or dark grey stitching running down the sides of the torso, across the top of the chest and the upper back to the collar and down the inside of the arms – topped off with an under armour logo on the an inch below the collar on the front and back. Overall the top looks clean and fresh, and looks just as good when you’re wearing it, however if you prefer something flashier you might be better off looking at their other ranges, like the superhero line they offer.

Under Armour HeatGear Short Sleeve Compression Top Review

Materials and Craftsmanship

UA have done a great job on the craftsmanship on this, everything is double stitched, and I’ve put this top through hell and it’s not showing any signs of wear. The materials are top notch too, Under Armours trademarked HeatGear fabric is, as promised on their website, comfortable enough to wear all day and even offers UPF 30+ to protect you from the sun when you’re out running or doing circuit training in the park!


I’m a big fan of this product, as it offers tight compression without limiting movement at all, and it’s moisture wicking technology means it doesn’t get horrible and sweaty. Coupled with strategic ventilation panels and anti odour technology it stays fresher for longer. The only drawback I’ve found is that the hem of the top does tend to roll up and expose your midriff, and I’m not a massive fan of working out in a crop top! Simple solution of tucking it into your shorts solves the problem easily enough, though the more fashion conscious athlete might have reservations.

Under Armour HeatGear Short Sleeve Compression Top Review


Retailing for £22 on the under armour website you can’t really go wrong with this product if you’re looking for good value on a compression top.

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+ Very durable
+ Doesn’t hamper movement
+ Good value for money

– Plain aesthetic might not be to everyone’s taste
– Can roll up the torso during training


Under Armour HeatGear Short Sleeve Compression Top Review

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