Joya Faded Black Muay Thai Shorts Review
Joya Faded Black Muay Thai Shorts Review


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Joya is a martial arts brand based in the Netherlands. Founded in 2000 they have strived to build an excellent reputation worldwide. Joya have several sponsored athletes and offer a range of equipment including gloves, shorts, pads and gi’s.

Joya sent us a pair of these shorts to try out and see what we think about them.

About the shorts

The Faded Black Muay Thai shorts are one of several designs offered by Joya, but they are part of a matching set with gloves and shinguards that we’ll be reviewing in the next couple of weeks.

Joya Faded Black Muay Thai Shorts Review


The design of these Faded Black shorts looks fantastic. The shorts are completely black, with Thai Script and the Joya Logo picked out in grey on the front of the shorts and waistband respectively. The sides of the shorts are mesh material and the seem between mesh and the rest of the shorts, and around the legs, are highlighted with a grey strip with Joya printed along it. The overall look on the shorts is far from the bright and flashy colours that are common with Thai shorts, but if you prefer sleeker and more subtle designs these are a fantastic choice.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Whilst there’s nothing on the Joya website about the materials they’ve used to make these shorts it seems that the outside is made from a nylon type material, with a mesh panel on the outside of each leg, and the inner lining of the shorts is a satin like material.

The craftsmanship on the shorts has been done very neaty, with reinforcing along stress points, however I have noticed a couple of loose stitches and one point where the material has bunched as it’s been sewn. However these are minor issues and aren’t noticeable unless you’re looking very closely.

Joya Faded Black Muay Thai Shorts Review


These are some of the most comfortable shorts I’ve used for a long time. To start, the inner, satin-like lining means they feel great against your skin throughout a training session. My favourite feature of the shorts is the side panels. A lot of Thai shorts (such as the Yokkao Carbon Shorts or the Wicked One Shorts we’ve previously reviewed) have a side panel with a section cut out to allow freedom of movement when you’re throwing kicks, but the Joya shorts have a taller and wider section removed that other brands I’ve tried, meaning you don’t feel restricted at all by the shorts.


Available on the Joya website for forty euros (about £35) I feel like these shorts represent good value for money. They’re well designed, comfortable to train in and allows for a great range of motion when you’re throwing kicks.

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+ Great design
+ Allows full range of motion when kicking
+ Comfortable inner lining

– Some minor craftsmanship issues


Joya Faded Black Muay Thai Shorts Review

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