InFightStyle Domino Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

InFightStyle Domino Muay Thai Boxing Gloves (12oz) Review


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InFightStyle was founded in 2013 and is a global brand and distributor catering to the demands and needs of the MMA, Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai lovers around the world. They stock a wide range of products with a focus on beautiful design coupled with ultimate function. They sponsor several elite Muay Thai fighters including Ognjen Topic, Janet Todd and Matt Embree.

InFightStyle sent us a pair of these gloves to try out and see what we think about them.

About the gloves

The Domino boxing gloves are one of the main lines that InFightStyle have on offer. They are available in green/black, blue/orange, black/white and also the pair we got to review – blue and yellow. Interestingly the black and white is the only pair available in a lace up version, the others are all velcro closure. These gloves are designed to be used as Muay Thai gloves, but would also be suitable for boxing or other striking training.

Weight and distribution

You can choose between 10, 12, 14 and 16oz options, meaning that you can find a size to suit any form of training. Overall the Domino gloves feel very well balanced, with plenty of padding across the knuckles and back of the hand – similarly to the Fight Lab gloves we’ve previously reviewed the padding on the back of the hand is noticeably thick, which would help provide extra protection when you have your guard up.

InFightStyle Domino Muay Thai Boxing Gloves


I love the look these gloves have, they have the classic bright and flashy Muay Thai colouring, but incorporated into a simple, understated design. The back of the glove and thumb is predominantly a royal blue, but running between the two, and widening out to cover all of the fingers, is a neon yellow strip. The wrist strap is also blue, while the actual wrist of the glove is yellow. The glove is finished off by silver piping around the wrist strap and wrist, an InFightStyle crest on the blue section of the back of the hand, and a black and metallic silver logo (the same as on the InFightStyle Odyssey Shorts waistband) on the back of the wrist. The contrast of the two colours, and careful application of the bright yellow, is what makes this glove so good looking in my opinion, they stand out in the gym without being over the top.

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As we have come to expect after our other InFightStyle reviews, the brand have used very high quality materials when they made these gloves and have put them together very well. They’re handmade in Thailand and I haven’t seen any signs of wear while I’ve been using them, and the stitching is all neat and strong, with double seams around high stress areas. They have also use 100% leather, so the gloves are going to be very durable. The inner lining of the gloves is soft on the padded side, but very thin on the inside and you can feel the stitching against your hand. This is what gives the glove its added flexibility and makes it suitable for Muay Thai clinch, but does affect the comfort slightly. The padding is multi layer foam, which provides protection whilst still allowing you to feel the snap of the connection from your strikes.

Overall they feel very well put together, and still look brand new even after a few weeks of using them.

InFightStyle Domino Muay Thai Boxing GlovesInFightStyle Domino Muay Thai Boxing Gloves


I’ve found the Domino gloves to be very comfortable to use. We were sent the 12oz variants so haven’t tested them in sparring, but they feel great to hit pads or the heavy bag in. The padding, as I mentioned above, provides great protection so you don’t have to worry above pulling punches on a heavy bag, but is thin enough to let you feel the impact, so you can tell you’ve connected well with each strike.

The only draw back I’ve found while I’ve been testing out the gloves is that when you make a tight fist the thumb is left slightly closer to the striking surface of the glove, meaning I’ve hit the tip of my thumb on pads several times. There is a bit of a thumb protector built into the glove, but it’s not always enough to prevent the impact. However, this hasn’t overly affected my opinion on these gloves – I still think they’re a very good and comfortable pair to use.


The regular retail price of the Domino’s is $95, making them a moderately expensive glove. This isn’t out of line with many of the other leather Muay Thai style gloves we’ve reviewed however, and the quality and craftsmanship of these makes them, in my opinion, a suitable choice for a beginner who’s looking to get more serious with their training and equipment, or any more advanced striker looking for a quality pair of gloves.

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+ Great design
+ Lace up option available
+ Good padding

– Can connect with thumb quite easily when punching
– Relatively limiting colour options


InFightStyle Domino Muay Thai Boxing Gloves

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