Fight Quality Film Review – Hands of Stone (2016)

Fight Quality Film Review – Hands of Stone (2016)

Roberto Duran is one of the all time greats, a boxer that a lot of fighters look up to, and the biopic Hands of Stone captures his life in full detail.

From fighting bare knuckle on the streets of Panama, to taking the world title from Sugar Ray, calling ‘No Mas’ in their rematch and then working to redeem himself its all set to a backdrop of political unrest, personal life struggles and a quick temper. The story is fantastic, if a little ‘classic’ for a boxing film, but if you’re a Duran fan, or someone who’s never heard of him, it’s a must watch to learn about on of boxing greats, and the first trainer to ever enter the Boxing Hall of Fame.

Visually this film is very well done, with epic boxing scenes and beautiful Panamanian scenic shots. Edgar Ramirez plays Duran extremely well, and De Niro adds star power as Ray Arcel. Overall we rate this film very highly, and we’d recommended it to anyone looking for a Friday Night Fight Film.

Most memorable line

“Ring sense is an art. A gift from God that flows out of a fighter like a painting flows out of an artist. You’re either blessed with it from the day you’re born… or you’re cursed without it till you die. In 66 seconds, Roberto Duran changed my life.”

– Ray Arcel, the first time he saw a Roberto Duran fighting

Our Rating

4.5 stars out of 5

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