SAFEJAWZ Extro Series Self-fit 'Goldie' Mouthguard Review

SAFEJAWZ Extro Series Self-fit ‘Goldie’ Mouthguard Review


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SAFEJAWZ are a brand dedicated to protecting the teeth of athletes around the World, from grassroots level up to World Champions. They have a variety of mouthguard types, from budget friendly boil-and-bite mouthguards, all the way up to custom moulded mouthguards with your own design, so there’s something for everyone.

About the Mouth Guard

In terms of boil-and-bite (or self-fit) mouthguards, SAFEJAWZ have two ranges – the ‘Intro’ series, a great low cost mouthguard for beginners, and the ‘Extro’ series, which is constructed slightly differently to provide better protection and more creative visuals.

SAFEJAWZ sent us over one of their Extro Series mouthguards to test out and give our opinion on.

SAFEJAWZ Extro Series Self-fit 'Goldie' Mouthguard Review


The moulding process is pretty straight forward. As mentioned previously, this is a boil-and-bite mouthguard, so chances are you probably already know how to go through the moulding process. I’ve had issues in the past with moulding boil-and-bite mouthguards and sometimes found that if you moulded badly on the first attempt then there’s no rescuing it, however the instructions on the SAFEJAWZ mouthguard let you know that after the initial moulding you can warm up the mouthguard again and do a little extra remoulding to get the fit right. I ended up having to do this myself, and found that the second time worked perfectly as an adjustment to get the fit right. Once moulded, the mouthguard stays in place nicely, and easily stays on my upper teeth when opening my mouth.


The Extro series currently has 8 great designs, including an ‘ice’ design, using a combination of solid blue and transparent sections, and the ‘Mo’ design, which features a moustache on the front. We ended up getting the ‘Goldie’ design, which SAFEJAWZ informed us has been recently improved. On this design the outer part of the guard is black with a row of gold teeth across the front, and the inside of the mouthguard is coloured gold to match.

In the past I’ve usually stayed away from some of the flashier designs, many of which I tend to think look a bit tacky, however the quality of the mouthguard and the less in-your-face design helps these to look pretty nice. The key is to stop taking yourself so seriously.

There is some SAFEJAWZ branding on these, but it’s pretty subtle, in the form of an embossed logo along the side of the mouthguard.

SAFEJAWZ Extro Series Self-fit 'Goldie' Mouthguard Review


I’ve been using a harder, snap-fit mouthguard for a while, so it was a refreshing transition to the different fit and feel of a regular self fit mouthguard. One of the reasons I had been using the snap-fit mouthguard was because I hadn’t been happy with the fit of previous boil-and-bite mouthguards, finding they either didn’t fit well or loosened up far too quickly. I was a little worried that I would encounter the same issues with the SAFEJAWZ Extro mouthguard, but I’ve actually been pleasantly surprised.

When wearing the mouthguard it feels thick enough to offer some good protection, but at the same time not quite as bulky as mouthguards such as the Shock Doctor Gel Max which we’ve previously used. To add to the protection, the mouthguards have raised sections (or “impact pads”) towards the back, with a pattern cut out which helps the back teeth to sink in nicely and help to lock your jaw in place. I don’t know the science on this, but it feels like it helps to keep your jaw in a more natural position, as well as the impact absorption as you would expect.

I have noticed that there are a few small imperfections, with a couple of small bits sticking out. These look like manufacturing issues from the factory moulding process, but thankfully they aren’t intrusive and can easily be removed.

I think overall this is a great choice for a boil-and-bite mouthguard. There’s a little room for error in the moulding process, there are some great visuals available and they have a good amount of impact protection through their fit and shape, not just bulkiness. Overall the mouth guard does a great job at keeping your teeth protected. The inner material feels comfortable to wear and does a great job at making sure any impacts are dispersed well, so your front teeth don’t take the full brunt of the impact.


The Extro series comes in at £11.99, which is a pretty competitive price. The price is lower than the retail prices for both the Shock Doctor Gel Max and Opro Shield Gold mouthguards, and I’d personally say I’ve had a better experience with SAFEJAWZ than either of those. You can of course buy cheaper (Which is where the Intro series also comes in), but if you don’t quite want to splash out for a custom fit mouthguard, then the Extro series would make a great choice.


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+ Good quality
+ Interesting designs
+ Good lower jaw protection

– Some small manufacturing imperfections

SAFEJAWZ Extro Series Self-fit 'Goldie' Mouthguard Review

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