RDX Metal Pro Groin Guard Protector Review

RDX M2 Metal Cup Groin Guard (formerly RDX Metal Pro Groin Guard Protector) Review


RDX is one of the UK’s most widely known fight brands, who are now pushing their products over to the US, as well as already having popularity in a large number of countries. They have a reputation for producing quality gear for any level, with reasonable price tags. They’re often people’s first choice for equipment when they’re starting out in martial arts.

Note: Since we originally wrote this review, RDX have made some minor updates to the product name and printed logos. As a result, some details may not be fully accurate, although the review is still representative of the current product.

About the Product

Groin guards are absolutely essential in striking sports. There’s a reason low blows are forbidden in every competitive martial art, and it doesn’t really need explaining. That being said, not all groin guards are created equal, and they come in different styles. This guard is similar to what is referred to as a ‘Thai’ groin guard, or a ‘Triangle’ groin guard, which is effectively a halfway point between the big ‘no foul’ groin guards that boxers wear, and the thinner style of groin guard often worn in a jock strap. It’s a padded steel cup, but unlike most Thai style groin guards, this one uses elasticated straps rather than tied cord. Only available in the one colour, which is black and grey with red highlights, and they can be brought in small, medium, large and extra large.


Like many of RDX’s products, this cup has a fresh modern look. Mostly black, with the RDX Fighters Choice logo front and centre, a grey striped pattern across the front, and in the middle of the metal guard a big red RDX ‘R’ logo. Overall it looks great, especially when you consider that it’s a product that’s basically always hidden from view.

RDX Metal Pro Groin Guard Protector Review


Let’s start with the most important part of the guard, the bit that covers the Crown Jewels. Reassuringly the cup on this guard is solid steel, padded inside and out. Triangularly shaped for maximum mobility, the edge of the cup is padded out with Maya Hide Leather for comfort. The straps are all elasticised to ensure a tight fit, around the waist and between the legs to secure it in place. The straps fasten at the back with a three way Velcro system that makes sure the guard doesn’t work loose even during a heavy session.


I think this groin guard is a great buy – it fits perfectly, the Velcro fastening has never even slightly loosened, and most importantly taking an accidental kick to the sweet spot didn’t make me bend over in pain. Due to its triangular shape, it can be a little bit restrictive when you have your legs closed, so you just have to make sure to take it off before doing any exercises like sit-ups or leg raises. All in all I’d recommend this guard to anyone, beginner or advanced, and in whatever martial art they’re taking part in, from boxing to Muay Thai.

RDX Metal Pro Groin Guard Protector Review


Retailing at around £17 this groin guard is easily affordable for anyone deciding to spar, and if you asked me it’s not really an area you’d want to be a cheapskate with!

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+ Great fit

+ Very protective

+ Reasonably priced

– Triangle shape isn’t for everyone

– Limited size adjustment

RDX Metal Pro Groin Guard Protector Review

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