Phenom Elite GP-200 Groin Guard ReviewPhenom Elite GP-200 Groin Guard Review

Phenom Boxing Elite GP-200 Professional Groin Guard Review


The Phenom Elite GP-200 Groin Guard is a great match for the rest of the Elite range, which we found to be a lightweight groin guard with a good fit around the waist.


Phenom Boxing was started by a team with over 20 years of experience in designing and producing fighting gear for major brands. The brand are now pursuing a premium market, aiming to produce high quality boxing equipment.

About the groin guard

After our review of Phenom’s Elite SG-200 Boxing gloves, the brand decided it made sense to send over the rest of the set for our team to test out.

The Elite GP-200 Professional Groin Guard is a boxing style groin and abdominal guard. This is currently one of four groin guard types available from Phenom. The padding around the waist covers the front half of the body, but isn’t shaped to angle down at the sides. This puts it in the middle of the road when it comes to coverage. It has more coverage than most lightweight groin guards (example), but a little less than some of the more protective groin guards (example) on the market .

Phenom Elite GP-200 Groin Guard Review


As much as we like things to look cool, a groin guard is one of those items that isn’t frequently seen. As such, the colour range isn’t as extensive as their gloves (or even headgear), although that’s not really an issue.

The colours the range does have are black & white and red & white. They correspond nicely with two of the options in the rest of the Phenom Elite range, but the black and white version is a fairly universal look which would easily match with most other equipment. The base colour fills the centre portion of the groin guard, with the sides picked out in white. A Phenom logo patch also sits right in the centre, so you can’t miss it.

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The groin guard is constructed with a genuine leather. The material probably isn’t too important on an item like this, but Phenom definitely haven’t cut corners – you’re getting a product which has the same level of quality we’ve come to expect from the Elite range.

Phenom Elite GP-200 Groin Guard Review


Getting the size of a groin guard right is important. Too tight and you’re going to spend the entire time sparring a little uncomfortable. Too loose and there’s a chance the whole groin guard will shift and make the impact even worse. When putting on Phenom’s groin guard I was pretty impressed with the fit around the waist. There’s some thick elastic which keeps the fit around the waist tight, not to mention there’s a hell of a lot of velcro to hold the strap in place, which should also mean it will last for a long time.

But what about your junk? One of the things I’ve noticed is there’s a fairly thick padded rim around the edges of the groin cup itself, which meant that when receiving an impact it’s a little better dispersed and doesn’t dig in to your body. This worked really well, however one issue I did notice is that it does leave the groin compartment feeling a little snug.

One thing I quite liked about the groin guard is it feels like you get good coverage and protection without feeling overkill. A lot of the time if you’re sparring you don’t need serious protection around the stomach and lower abs, but that doesn’t mean you want to lose it entirely. This groin guard seems to be well suited for that, and as a result feels pretty light and easy to move in, without feeling restrictive.


At £69.99 these aren’t ridiculously expensive. They’re a definite step up in price from your typical entry-level Everlast groin guard, but cheaper than most mid-range or high-end groin guards. They’re also a genuine leather option which sets them apart from most of the cheaper options out there. These are a good choice for the cost, but if you’re planning on getting a pair of Phenom gloves anyway then having a full matching set is always a win in our eyes.

Looking to buy these?

We like

+ Good fit around the waist

+ Good balance of weight and protection

+ Genuine leather

We don’t like

– Can fit a little tightly in important areas

Phenom Elite GP-200 Groin Guard Review

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