Sandee large extra thick flat Thai kick pads Review

Sandee Large Extra Thick Flat Thai Kick Pads Review


Sandee is a staple of the Muay Thai world, founded in 1977 they have over 35 years’ experience producing some of the highest quality boxing and Muay Thai equipment in the world. With their manufacturing facility based in Bangkok they offer worldwide delivery centred in the UK, and they can boast a stable of sponsored fighters throughout the years including Jo Calderwood, Daitan Jackson and previously UFC middleweight star Michael Bisping.

About the Sandee Thai kick pads

The Sandee large, extra thick flat kick pads were the first Thai pads I ever used – my gym had a wide range of different colour options and I first picked up the red ones.


They’re available in black and white, blue and white, black and yellow and red and white and they all feature the same style – the main colour making the strap side and striking side white the secondary colour (either white or yellow) makes up the edges of the pads. Finalised with the iconic ‘Sandee’ logo on the striking face, doubling as quite a good target for strikes, they have a traditional, fresh look to match their functionality.

Sandee large extra thick flat Thai kick pads Review


Built to withstand the hardcore daily punishment of training in Bangkok’s top gyms, the materials used to make these pads are of the highest quality. An extra thick premium grade cow hide leather outer shell packed with an extra thick quadruple layer of cloth-fibre webbing and a high-density latex foam inner-core all designed for the ultimate shock absorption and minimum stress for the holder.


Sandee pads are 100% handmade in Thailand, which for the most part is a stamp of quality, and these pads are no exception. Completely double stitched, with double stainless steel rivets on every stress point they’re liable to be the last thing standing as far as gym equipment goes. As said before, they’re designed to stand up to the insane punishment they’d take in a top Thai gym, and the sets I’ve used are old and have been through hell, but show hardly any signs of damage.

Use – When Striking

The pads feel great to strike. I personally prefer to use 10oz gloves for pad work, and these pads give enough padding that I don’t end up with sore hands but still provide solid feed back for each connection. Kicks are the same, they’re hard enough to improve your shin conditioning without making you limp out of the gym.

Use – When Holding

These are some of the most comfortable pads I’ve used. The first thing I look for in a set of pads in the fit on my arm and Sandee’s double hook and loop full Velcro straps are great for this. I much prefer the hook and loop style of strap, it just makes it much easier to get a good fit and stops the pad from slipping round when it gets hit. The level of padding they offer is also ideal, you can easily absorb a hard kick or punch and don’t feel like you been battered the next day.

Sandee large extra thick flat Thai kick pads Review


These pads weigh in at £99 a pair, which is fairly standard for high quality Thai pads. I would say that if you’re looking to use them for some extra training outside of the gym then you may be better off looking for a cheaper pair, or maybe some focus mitts, but if you’re going to be using them with experience pad holders and training hard you’re going to be better off investing in a more expensive, higher quality pair – and you can’t go far wrong with Sandee large, extra padded flat pads.

Looking to buy these?

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We like

  • Great Padding
  • Good fit
  • Great to strike

We don’t like

  • Expensive for beginners
  • Limited colour range
  • Plain appearance

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