A1 Odoclear Bamboo Charcoal Glove Deodoriser Bags Review

A1 Odoclear Bamboo Charcoal Glove Deodoriser Bags Review

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A1 Fight Gear are a combat sports brand based in Aberdeen, Scotland. As part of their mission, A1 set out with a bold vision to make a significant contribution to the combat industry, introducing their own range of boxing gloves and combat wear, with the intention of bringing great quality and materials at a great price.

About the Product

The Odoclear Bags are A1’s solution to keeping gear a little Fresher. If you’ve read up on our article on How To Keep Your Boxing Gloves Clean then you’ll know that preventing bad smells in the first place is much easier than getting rid of them later down the line. One of the solutions we mentioned were deodorising inserts, like the A1 Odoclear bags.

Essentially these are two small pouches filled with Bamboo Charcoal which absorb and break down bacteria and moisture. What makes the Odoclear bags so great for fighters is the long, slim design which is perfect for slipping into a pair of gloves.

A1 sent us a pair to test and give our opinion on.

A1 Odoclear Bamboo Charcoal Glove Deodoriser Bags Review


As mentioned these bags use Bamboo Charcoal to break down odours, which is known for it’s absorbing properties. This means it’s an entirely natural materials with no chemicals involved, so there won’t be any residual effects on the skin from leaving them inside your gloves.

They have a pretty natural smell to them – not using any natural fragrances, but more importantly they do a pretty good job at preventing your gloves from starting to smell, even after some of the more heavier (sweatier) sessions we’ve used them after.

The bags themselves are made with a thick fabric to keep it all in, with a metal loop at the top which makes an easy end to grab hold of, as well as giving you an option for securing the bags to something – whether that’s adding a lace between the two bags so they aren’t separated or securing them to the inside of your gym bag. So far I’ve been getting on fine with them unattached, but I like the potential options it gives you.

The best comparison for these might be the No Stink Sports Glove Deodorisers, however the shorter rectangular shape doesn’t fit quite as nicely and I’ve found often ends up getting tucked down in the fingers of the glove. The Odoclear bags on the other hand seem to slip in a lot easier and seem to have a uniform thickness all the way down the gloves.

A1 Odoclear Bamboo Charcoal Glove Deodoriser Bags Review


The best thing about the Odoclear Bags is they’re currently around £6 a pair (depending where you look). From looking around, other brands are often double the price or either the same price for a single bag, which means you’re getting a pretty good deal with these. These aren’t miracle workers if your gloves are already in a bad condition, but if you can start a good habit of slipping a pair into your gloves after each session, then that £6 will help prolong the life of your boxing gloves a lot more.

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+ Shaped well for boxing gloves
+ Natural materials which help prevent smells
+ Good pricing

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